First Gray Zone Sci-fi Strategy Teaser Trailer – review

Developers from an independent Slovak studio Eastworks introduced the first teaser trailer Gray zone, real-time sci-fi strategy with RPG elements.

The game takes place in the distant future, and the main character was the slave of a corrupt government named Valen. Players have to explore the colonized planets, where, according to the authors, they are waiting for memorable characters, interesting dialogs and a lot of action.

In the Gray Zone, gamers will manage an entire squad. In order to fulfill the mandatory and secondary goals, as well as minimize losses, you will need to use vehicles, weapons, collected items and the environment.

In addition, the game will have a tactical mode that allows you to stop time, which will give you the opportunity to think through your strategy and give orders to individual members of the squad.

The full version of Gray Zone will consist of four chapters with six missions each. In the first chapter, which will be released in early access Steam in March 2023, players will also receive one additional mission. As new content is released, the value of the game will increase.