More sex and battles – the creator of Disco Elysium told what to expect from the continuation of the role hit

In conversation with the portal Gamespot Robert Kurwitz, head of the studio ZA / UM, chief screenwriter and game designer Disco elysium, spoke about plans for the continuation of his debut project, sharing his thoughts about what fans should prepare for.

According to Kurwitz, one of the aspects that developers want to pay more attention to in the upcoming sequel is the presence of more fighting scenes. According to the authors, all the battles will be created taking into account the different gaming environment, which will be able to make dynamic changes in the course of battles. Separately, Kurwitz also noted that in the continuation of Disco Elysium various sexual scenes will appear, which in the original game simply did not exist.

As previously reported, Disco Elysium universe plans for the authors are really extremely ambitiousas Robert Kurwitz decided to remind once again, stating that when working on the next part of a role-playing adventure, the game designer is inspired by the dynamics of classic hits such as Baldur’s gate and Baldur’s gate 2, where the story received a direct continuation, but the scale has increased significantly, while not losing at all as a performance.

Disco Elysium was released on October 15 last year on PC, received very warm reviews from both the press and users, and even won several prestigious awards. In 2023, the game should receive console versions.

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