Gears of War

Trailer of the launch of the game for Xbox One


Gears of War is a saga written in capital letters in the history of Microsoft and, in general, in the history of most of the games of action in third person, not only because Epic Gamesmanaged to hit fully with the first three installments of the game


(Proof of this are his notes in this house: 9.5 for Gears of War , 9 for Gears of War 2 and another 9.5 for Gears of War 3 ) but because the title that started his story was a before and after in the TPS thanks to a great system of coverage that, little by little, has been adopting, in its own way, almost any videogame of shooting in the third person that comes to mind.

It is true that Gears of War suffered a bit with Judgment , its latest installment for Xbox 360, losing part of the public’s confidence. However, Microsoft has wanted to take the reins of it by acquiring its license to Epic Games and putting the game in the hands of


The Coalition(formerly known as Black Studios), a company that has been responsible, in parallel, the development of Gears of War Ultimate and Gears of War 4, the next installment of the series and the first fully developed by Microsoft’s study of which has been much talked about in recent weeks, either because of the ambition of


the studio with this new release, since it wants to be a graphic reference on Xbox One at the same level as Gears of War was on Xbox 360, or by the continuous rumors that place both this and other games as Forza 6, also as titles that will reach Windows 10.

gearsofwarultimatepc.jpg screenshot

But that will come later because, now, it’s time to talk about the PC version of Gears of War Ultimate Edition, which will arrive in just a few days to our computers exclusively to the latest operating system from Microsoft: Windows 10. And Microsoft is going,


step by step, paving the way for Xbox One and Windows 10 to be just one. A closed ecosystem that gives support to each other and that seeks to enhance the Xbox brand beyond consoles, reaching an ambitious market like PC.

In fact, it is not that GoW Ultimate Edition was developed for Windows 10 but that the game is only available through the Windows Store itself, an application that, as it has been recognized by Microsoft, needs some improvements to refine both its interface and the benefits for the user. In fact, to carry out this analysis we found some minor problems,


such as a bug by which the download of the title was not properly shown, as well as the impossibility of creating a direct access to the game on our desktop,


having to access, obligatorily , through the Operating System app. We have also found an excessive load time when executing the application for the first time, something that, fortunately, is corrected in the rest of the times we have executed the game.

gowu2.jpg screenshot

At a technical level we find two great pros with the game in favor of the version of the same for Xbox One. The first is to run the title at a resolution of 4K, increasing the visual impact of the title in terms of textures are concerned.


The second, the possibility, finally, of playing campaign mode at 60 FPS, an option that was not given to us in the version for the Microsoft desktop console and


that is available in this edition for PC as long as we unlock the framerate through the graphic options of the game options that, by the way, although they are varied and we can adjust them for less powerful computers, are somewhat scarce in some sections as in the options of contour smoothing.

Removing these two options, the truth is that we will not notice a notable difference at the technical level in terms of the Xbox One version something that, on the other hand, is logical since we have a game that has, behind them, ten years of life. As we told you in the


original analysis of the title for One, if we compare it with Xbox 360 we do see many improvements not only in the resolution, but, above all, in the work both in lighting and in other effects such as explosions or shots, which are now much better than in 360 and that leave the game almost at the height of a title of the present generation.