Montague’s Mount

We should be in luck that more and more developers are proposing new games that leave a bit of the “routine” in which most of the games submerge us, offering bold and extremely attractive narratives. In its origin, Montague`s Mount follows the trail of successes like


Dear Esther, Gone Home and if you allow us to put on the same plane, another gem like Journey . In this case, it offers us the ” A desolate landscape in Ireland”, “a lone fisherman” and “an island that hides memories in every turn”. Tempting. But even more so when the developers (we will see later that it is the work of a single person) promise a rollercoaster of psychological emotions through the isolation, desolation and tortured mind of a man.


This is like the average level in English of the Curriculums , care that the interviewer does not start talking and that your level is at the translation level of Final Fantasy VII; because this is the same, you have to be careful with what is said, lest someone go to play it.

Just open your eyes we find one of the most irritating beginnings in a video game that we remember in a long time. Montague’s Mount is an adventure in the first person, and our character, the “lone fisherman” sHe wakes up on an Irish beach without knowing who he is and what he does there . The problem is that he arrives in unfortunate physical conditions, he does not see well, he does not walk well, he does not breathe well. What should be cutscene meat,


here it has been decided to play. It recreates the anguish of the character, that anxiety of the environment about him and it seems correct, but in a design flaw, we are made to play with the screen moving more than a wheel at each step we take; if we are still, it also staggers making our quest authentic odyssey, and to that we add that our walk is exaggeratedly slow.

Start the search
Start the search

And in that state we have to solve the first puzzle and find an object on a beach full of debris that has dragged the tide. Try walking on a long beach at a snail’s pace, while the image moves more than Trevor in a night of drinks in GTAV , all the time is terrible. If you know someone who does not know what motion sickness is, recommend it to him, he will find out in seconds.


The game is compatible with the Oculus Rift , but we are not sure that this start is convenient to play in Virtual Reality.


We would bet that dizziness is 98% guaranteed, just like that. We believe that there are ways to express that anguish before being twenty minutes having a bad time literally. But let’s be fair, once you pass that start, the game level and win a lot, which makes the idea of ​​making a phase like that more bloody.

Stands already in play, the atmosphere achieved is disturbing . Heaven eternally gray, exaggeratedly gray, although as we solve puzzles the environment will be filled with a weak color. That darkness is constant throughout the adventure and limits too much. One wonders all the time if so much darkness, which greatly hinders the interaction with objects and roads,


is not really an excuse for the budget limits themselves. Because if what you are looking for is desolation, we believe that the cliffs of Moher are more disturbing in broad daylight , something achieved in Dear Esther, not a barely visible abandoned hamlet.


In any case, the dark, cold atmosphere, the trees on the roads shaken by the blizzard and those abandoned houses put you in a position quickly.