Monster Hunter Generations

Icons, interface elements, stylized graphics – all this has changed a drop. The very graphic, due to the relatively weak output platforms, too, has not changed much. Although the schedule we’ll talk – there is also something to rejoice.


Monster Hunter series is sometimes called a sort of Dark Souls, but from Capcom. There is no darkness, virtually no plot as such, but the player will, in fact, constantly fighting with the “bosses” in the role which serve a variety of outlandish monsters.

In general, the flora and fauna in the Monster Hunter games, all made-up, and has little to do with the real. Perhaps it is because of fear of running into anger animal rights, and maybe because of the desire to make the game more interesting, abandoning realism in favor of a moderate arcade.

All Monster Hunter games, the player acts as a hunter of monsters. Actually, on this and the name of the game. As a rule, the hunter gets into some village, which requires a variety of resources, and sometimes threaten deadly monsters. However, in the village life always takes place peacefully and in general in any village MH – a kind of “lobby”. There is a shop, a kitchen, a blacksmith, a couple of the NPC, which can give out quests (for the main quests, however, one particular person responsible), and the house, which is allocated to the hunter. Even draw his sword in a village you do not get.

The house is sure to be a chest to store items and a bed – to save the game. Day night, the game is not replaced – for each quest is predetermined: it is day or night.

Clean up your inventory, left only the right, take the quest – and leave “in the field”. Each quest takes place in any region that is divided into zones. All regions in one of the MH is not a lot – three or four. As a rule, there is a “normal” region with plains and caves, hot desert, forest (sometimes – flooded) and snow-capped mountains.

In nature are found various monsters. Most of them – hostile, but there are also neutral (neutral some are hostile, if to attack them). You can also collect a variety of plants, catching beetles – all this will come in handy for any craft or as a resource for the village.

Kraft herein is essential: for example, gradually energy reserve (Stamina) character is reduced – Hunter tired. To replenish the supply of energy, you need to eat something. Reserves provided for the quest village are limited, and effective way to eat well-done steak.

To do this you must first kill of a neutral monster cut from its carcass piece of meat, and, referring to “barbecues” stock, fry the meat, but so as not to overcook and do not leave it raw (which is a small mini-game music, not changing, it seems, with the first part). The rest of the craft is as simple as combining two ingredients.

To hunt monsters, a plurality of different weapons. Large swords, katana, sword, shield, dual swords, hammers, guns, bow and arrows, “Volhynia” (forgive me for all the familiarity with the MH series, we did not understand – what is it and how it works) … Many just in general. Sometimes, for some specific monster should choose a specific weapon, but at the same skillful double swords can deal with most of the enemies.

MH also has a multiplayer game – you can either fight together with friends (requires three friends to 3DS next to you), and access to online content.

As we have said, from the parts of the game are constantly modified, but without changing the visual component and physics. For example, 4-th part added some sort of “plot” and caravans. The Generations (it can not be considered the 5th part, simply called MHG) caravans, and the story of the expedition removed. But quests are much more.