Modding: Resident Evil 7 Cannibalism Seven Replaced with Family Guy and Simpsons

IN Resident evil 7 players encounter a family of unfriendly and extremely aggressive cannibals. To make the project even scarier, youtuber ToastedShoes replaced them with Family Guy. It turned out even better than expected.

A video posted online demonstrates the game’s intro. The video shows Ethan’s battle with Meg and Peter, as well as the famous scene at the dirty kitchen table, where the transformed characters forcefully feed the player with entrails.

The voice acting is chosen almost perfectly, especially the moment of the pursuit of the main character by Peter, when the latter hummed Surfin ‘Bird, was especially remembered.

In addition to Family Guy, ToastedShoes has added the Simpson family to Resident Evil 7. What happened in the end, you can see below:

Earlier it was reported that Jill Valentine was added to the Resident Evil 2 remake. The model does not work perfectly because it uses Claire Redfield’s animations, and blood and sweat do not remain on the character’s body, unlike the original heroine.

In the near future, the author of the mod will try to fix minor errors, for example, facial animation in the rollers and the location of the holster.

There are three Resident Evil 3 costumes to choose from.

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