Minoria Review | Gamemag

Indie studio, formerly renowned among fans for a narrow adventure Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight, three years later, returned with a very similar to the two-dimensional clone Dark Souls – Minoria.

The story, telling about the princess abducted by witches, whom the nuns of the secret order are trying to save, is trying hard to flirt with themes of faith, loyalty and sisterly bonds. But even this plot-strange mixture does not prevent you from diving into well-tuned gameplay.

You begin your adventure with an original weapon and a set of magic, which is represented here by incense spells. Each set has a limited charge, which is allowed to replenish only at points of conservation. Incense itself can be changed in the cells on the go, just putting the game on pause.

Magic allows you to heal the heroine from received wounds, raise basic characteristics for a limited period of time, such as attack power, or cause direct damage.

Combat abilities include lightning, energy, explosions, and other elements of traditional fantasy. Some incense may impose a negative effect on the player, or, more simply, a curse, if used.

New spells can be found in chests and bought in exchange for collectible silver coins from Npc. In this case, sets of one kind are summed up, adding additional units of charges to the main spell.

As for weapons, they all differ in application technique, damage range and special capabilities, but have the same level of impact force. Therefore, you must change the blades depending on the opponents encountered or the boss of the stage.

And although our Western colleagues call Minoria another metro-destination, all of our environmental research and unique skills end up looking for local keys and getting a pair of abilities, like double jumping or moving quickly in the air, which are used only a few times during the whole game.

The rest of the time you collect collectible silver coins and inspect chests or hit the walls with your sword, which can hide the secret mechanism and secrets.