Mike Ibarra: PlayStation 5 Can Surpass All Current I / O Platforms

According to a former corporate vice president Xbox Ibarra T-shirt installed inside Playstation 5 the input-output system can bypass in its characteristics that in the top PC and any other modern platforms.

System I / O regulates data management and is the link between the source of information (console iron) and the receiver – an integrated solid state drive. The highest transmission speed in personal computers allows you to achieve modern SSDhowever in PS5 will be installed specially designed by engineers Sony module. According to rumors, its chips will be soldered across the console’s motherboard and, thanks to direct communication with the controller, the software will work in the stack, providing the fastest response time.


“An I / O system can be better than any PC I’ve seen. Everything Sony said was true. We see it. Interesting times “

Ibarra currently works in Blizzard, and his words indirectly confirm the presence of devkits in the hands of the company. It seems that the publisher is working hard on games for the new generation.


According to the latest leaks, where the specifications of the next Xboxset in PS5 the I / O system will be almost twice as fast as in Xbox Series X, Which will significantly reduce load time and create a huge gap between the two rivals.

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