StarBlood Arena

Starblood Arena excels in the most challenging challenge and gives the player a refined experience and no nausea from the very first moments . You will use some sessions to get acquainted with the gaming system, but your stomach will be in place. This i


s definitely one of the great plus titles, which not only ranks where they have failed, but also offers a solid and enjoyable style of play. The first comparison we could do is with Rigs. The big differenc


e between these two titles is also the key to its success: on Rigs the player jumps, makes some evolution and falls under a severity of strength that can cause many players a really annoying feeling, Starblood Arena solves the problem by floating the your cockpit in the vac


uum. In this way and with some other concern, the WhiteMoon Dreams shooter reaches a standard that raises a level of PSVR gaming sticks. A dip in the arena

StarBlood Arena


The title offers various modes of play between single player, co-op experiences and a classic multiplayer. Among the game modes we can enjoy a deathmatch all against each and every one in teams. In addition to these possibilities we find the least predictable Gridiron and Invaders.
The first is a team game that resembles a lot of the Rocket League concept, but with multiple laser cannons: the ball in the center and pulls to the door between an explosion and the other. This mode offers interesting ideas but is currently the weakest one.
Taking the ball, for example, requires a good precision when passing exactly over it and can create somewhat strange situations in
the event that it ends up in some corner of the map close to the wall. In general, team play is daunting, but probably with much practice this limit can be cushioned. Invaders is instead a wave game where your tenacity to the viewer will make the difference between victory and defeat. DespiteStarblood Arena does not cause any m
otion sickness problems, however, remember that VR experiences are always quite tiring even for the most crazy gamers. However, Starblood Arena does not even fall; each game can be set to last 5 to 15 minutes. According to our experience, the duration of 5 minutes is the most suitable for a game that is fluid and nothing tiring.
The map level design is intriguing and feels the result of a great design work behind it; the resulting achievement is simple, functional and artistically appreciable. The r
eal protagonist in the maps is always the player, every corner can take countless forms, advantages or disadvantages, on
ly considering the orientation of your ship.Each small element can be seen in many ways and this makes it extremely remixable for each map and mode. This was one of the points that most affected us during gameplay. Another elem
ent of all respect is the number and balance of many unique heroes available, each with distinctive features and different
game styles. It is a pity that despite all the heroes being very characterized, during the matches it is a bit difficult to identify what is actually facing us on the battlefield, acting accordingly. To reach a good level on this front, you have to acquire a lot of confidence with the
title, especially because the movements are frantic and we have a few moments to frame your opponent and make him explode in the general chaos.