Might & Magic Showdown

In the era of internet and social networks it is now normal to expect the announcement of a new game from one moment to the next, in a totally unexpected way: the instant accessibility of these tools makes it very easy for small software spreading software clues
here and there, which only the most careful players can find. In Watch Dogs 2, some particularly attentive players discovered two of these crumbs in a particular room (Ubisoft’s office): a mysterious poster featuring the “2019” (a possible new outbound IP for that year?) And a another poster about another game, this time with a name: Might & Magic Showdown.
Might & Magic Showdown
A mysterious title
Might & Magic is a popular series of role-playing games which Ubisoft owns, but in recent years has had its ups and downs: the last chapter was released in August last year and the announcement of Showdown , which brings put on an unusual dress, tasted the curiosity of the fans; since then, the software house has no longer released any further information.
In this regard, players were not left to the dark, but the videogame press was also waiting to learn more: today we are finally able to tell you what it is. Might & Magic Showdown is a spin-off of the series, currently only for the PC market and available through Steam Early Access.
After having been able to preview it, we are here to give a taste.
Clashes between custom thumbnails
In the title we will review several thumbnails, such as those usually used in Table GDRs, and deploy them against other of our opponents; the thumbnails are divided into two categories, the heroes, personally controlled by the player, and the creatures, minions whose behavior is scheduled before the game begins. These statues can be customized through a tool ca
lled ” Paint Workshop “: with this tool we can choose from different colors, materials and brush sizes to create our ideal hero (or creature). By advancing the level you will come to further coloring, so you can further customize our art for
ms. We spent most of the time having fun in personalizing these characters, and we were fully satisfied with the depth of this tool, which has the cards on the table to satisfy even the most creative players. The same Ubisoft will release the Paint Workshop free trial and separate from the full game until February 19, to give the possibility to everyone to see with their own eyes the potential of this tool.
Might & Magic Showdown
Might, Magic but also Strategy
There are currently 20 characters in total: 7 heroes and 13 creatures (only 5 available in Paint Workshop for free). Both the characters controlled by us and the CPU-run minions have different skills to be carefully equipped: In the case of creatures, we can choose who to dir
ect the attacks (whether to let them focus on a particular opponent’s support or a particular element, for example) and so organize their combo.
Depending on the order in which we decide to perform a certain skill (for example at the end of a chain) this might become even more powerful.It is therefore important not to insert more and more times in the same co
mbo moves that require a long cooldown, because in that case the creature would remain motionless to be able to act freely; being careful can still come out of very difficult units to counteract. The hero control system, on the other hand, has inspired the world of MMOs, with 6 special movable and usable moves using the keys 1 to 6.
Might & Magic Showdown
Who will prevail?
There is also a campaign mode that can explain the basic game controls and exercise the player with the various strategies possible, and an online PvP mode, whose clashes can also be arriving at a 4vs4. Once you have found the online match you can choose the
creatures to be placed on the field: these will be visible to our opponent only at the match started so as to leave a surprise effect and prevent it from being organized with tactics before the start of the clash . We found the multiplayer quite fluid, though we
have to bring back the current lack of the opportunity to play with their friends in private lobbying: of course there is a negligible lack that we hope will be implemented in the near future. The game, then, does not shine for variety because the fun in customizing all the figures may not be enough to keep the enthusiasm on casual players.