Private sketches

The truth is that we lacked foresight, because the title of 5Wolf has managed to sell more than one hundred thousand copies by contradicting the whole line.In short, it seems that many people thought this stuff worthy of purchase.


Some say that much of the success of similar garbage derives from the squalid laps that have now formed around the Steam cards, which make the games particularly attractive at low cost. Whatever the truth, What’s Under Your Blanket 2 !? exists. Yes, the deeds of the lord of the saws have become a saga, moving from a private dimension to a multicultural one.


What do you mean? Quiet, the game is identical to the predecessor: you have to help the protagonist to masturbate under his cover without letting him peck, only where in the first chapter the acts were consumed in the places of his private life (his house, first aid and so on) ,


here it is internationalized and now masturbates in joy in China,The enemies who want to stop him from producing the sacred sketch are no longer the little sister, the mother or the grandfather, but waiters, Russian tanks, Obama on the run and so on. 


Fortunately, the kitten who in the first chapter occasionally appeared to disturb us, and who was caught in order to drive him from the screen, is still there because, as we know, the micetti are universal. If we want, we are faced with a great allegory of contemporary


Western man, who in the face of the great movements of history does not stop masturbating under his cover; but let us not rise too much with the reflections, partly because we do not believe that the author of such a masterpiece had such high and profound ambitions as he developed it …

Why review What’s Under Your Blanket 2 !? In fact it’s a good question …


The gameplay mechanics of What’s Under Your Blanket 2 !? are very simple to describe: you bring the mouse pointer on the protagonist, you repeatedly press the left button to masturbate and stop when you hear the sounds announcing the arrival of someone offstage that could see us, or when you are reached the Godlike combo (in this case if you continue with physical activity the tool is in focus).

Private sketches
The competitive mode …

The goal is to get to the orgasm by filling a long bar at the bottom of the screen.Below it there is another bar, smaller, which indicates the attention of the other characters on the scene: when filled, all turn to the protagonist. For the rest, between a masturbatory session and the other you must defeat a boss arm wrestling, that is, you have to click as a madman on the left mouse button to fill the umpteenth bar. That’s all? Absolutely yes. If you want we can notify the great


blow of the class of the development team, which has drawn a female face on the hand of the protagonsita … ah, there are also multiplayer modes: the cooperative one, in which you masturbate in the company, and the competitive one, in which the player with the most points wins. Basically they play similarly to the single player mode,


However they work badly, they are very limited and they are not very popular, so do not hope that they will somehow raise the title. What else to add? Let’s see … Ah, the soundtrack! It is made up of only one electronic track, evidently played by a deaf and deaf monkey, which disturbs after just ten minutes … which happens to be the time you will use to finish What’s Under Your Blanket 2 !? and its five levels of sadness. Need more to convince you to buy it?