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An early version of Master of Orion raises many questions, but the preview is created to smooth things over and settle in their hearts the hope of readers.

Mentally, I was aware that the new “Orion” looks frankly weak. But honestly I hoped. To end. Six months later, it took full release, so now we can speak plainly hoped in vain.

Review of the Master of Orion

What’s worse – to be talented but raw game, or just admit to yourself and everyone around that sensation and furore of hundreds of nominations for GOTY can not even wait?

The first option – it is the Stellaris. How incredibly exciting it at the beginning, just as faceless and stringy middle of each of her party. Second – alas – Master of Orion 2016 release. And if Stellaris from the very start could draw something, and subsequent patches and DLC must disclose its potential, it hurt, I just do not see improvement MoO.

To be more precise, that MoO still ahead, because the base game – it is sterile «4X-strategy: The Game». It is possible and necessary to add so much that it will be a completely different game. Publicly renouncing the struggle against powerful competitors, NGD and WG Labs and did not answer the crucial question: why do I need MoO like this?

Review of the Master of Orion

To revive the famous brand? Would have done if normal remaster some of the old parts. If not for the loud headline and recognizable elements, then this game would be at all difficult to distinguish on the background of any other modern space 4X, because the main and the only remarkable feature of MoO is that in this MoO there is absolutely nothing remarkable.

When it became known that in the revival of the legendary TBS famous voices will sound gaming industry, I immediately felt something was wrong.

This is not a simulator Me and cinematic shooter, here, in principle, not so important, what voice says leader Bulrati. And if he speaks at all. Graphics, of course, necessary, but, firstly, a naked picture without intelligent semantic content – this is very strange. Secondly, MoO hardly be called truly impressive – Galactic Civilizations 3 noticeably beautiful.

Review of the Master of Orion

And what is trying to take MoO? Usual set: here’s a home planet and the whole galaxy, consisting of a set of star systems, almost each of which rotates at least one ball, which you can stick your flag.

Do not look at “racial” features of fractions: in comparison with competitors MoO and space strategy is difficult to accept, so that there is – it is the fifth level of “civilization.” Only feature “Tsivy” that it all available side – the people, and here – that the humanoids that beetles that robots – all make the same discoveries, all operate similarly.

Utterly schematic process: find a good planet – populate, populated poor – endure and improve it, took the system – put a station on the “inputs” into it, if you do not want to fly further.

Refused to offer a competitor – a little spoiled relations with it, agree to its terms – it will be a little kinder to you. MoO terribly banal and predictable, and many of its members do not understand what created.

Review of the Master of Orion