Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

he Japanese publisher, with greater and less success, has also learned from some of the errors pointed out by the players in the premiere of the controversial Street Fighter V: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite comes to the stores with enough content to please all lovers of the game alone. It has a traditional arcade mode, a series of (useful) challenges and a camp


aign in which we are explained and justified the story that has led to collide, for the umpteenth time, the universes of Capcom and Marvel. That the company behind Street Fighter imitates the Mortal Kombat and Injustice story modes is a fact, proof of this is Ono’s constant recognition of Ed Boon and his team, but the reality is that the quality exhibited by the Japanese firm is still far from the American


Marvel vs.  Capcom Infinite analysis

A selection of fighters something short if we compare it with other deliveries of the series. The absence of the mutants still stings.

It never took great explanations to see the two universes sticking in a ring, but that does not justify the simplicity exhibited in the Infinite campaign. A wasted opportunity for lovers of one side and another, who will have to settle for a decaffeinated se


arch for infinity gems to stop a new enemy: Ultron Sigma , the union of the creation of Iron Man and the main villain of the franchise Mega Man X. No, it may not be Galactus or Onslaught, but at least it is more inspired than Abyss, from Marvel VS. Capcom 2. Something is something. It is not a very long campaign, we see some characters that will come out later through DLC and we can play with all the protagonists available in the fourth installment of the series.


Clash of Heroes, but …

After two installments competing for teams of three, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has returned to couples . The change has been good for three reasons: it completely changes the formula of the last 17 years, revolutionizes the mechanics of the seri

es and becomes a much easier to understand title for the viewer. Envisioned as a competitive videogame from its very conception, Infinite will be part of the Capcom Cup , hence the Japanese have wanted users to be able to understand everythin
g that happens on the screen without having a booklet next to know what each assistance was doing and how were their synergies with the characters. That’s why they have retired the Assist system.


Marvel vs.  Capcom Infinite PC

Does Haggar have trouble grabbing his rivals? Equip the gem of the infinity of Space and end the root problem.

The Marvel Assist VS. Capcom 2 and Marvel VS. Capcom 3 is an evolution of the Marvel VS striker system. Capcom; Each character on your team could intervene to help your fighter at any time during the fight. The user decided between t


hree options per protagonist an action for each Assist, which would intervene constantly in the fights between players who dominated the second or third installment of the fight franchise. What have they done here? They have chosen to create a new system, the Active Switch , similar to the changes of Street Fighter X Tekken. While one executes an attack you can invoke the partner to continue combining the skills at the expense of the rival’s life. You may like the second or third part more than the fourth, but that does not mean that the new system is up to the expectations of the brand.


Marvel vs.  Capcom Infinite

The challenges are a useful approach to the new mechanics: perfect for learning the base and some basic combos.

The graphic change has been a risky move

Finding a suitable match between heroes will be vital to success on-line. The synergy between the fighters themselves is capital, but you m

ust take into account a new factor for combat: the gems of infinity . The stones, as we have already explained in the previous preview
s, bring a new power to each character, but also a new enhanced ability called Infinity Stormwhich is capable of turning combat around. Each of them has been designed to give new advantages to each fighter, giving them unprecedented possibilities to dat
e. If the players do not end up finding a gap between the stones, Capcom’s proposal is risky, brave and interesting, bringing a new dimension to the battles between the Japanese and American superheroes.


Marvel vs.  Capcom Infinite PC

Taking advantage of the benefits of the Active Switch system will allow you to make a difference with the rest of users.

The excellent work done in the purely playable clashes with what was done when selecting the protagonists. 30 fighters Marvel and Capcom, some taken with great success, others with less taste and certain absences that have hurt the lovers of the saga. It is


undeniable that the absence of mutants such as Wolverine, present in all the fighting games of Capcom starring Marvel from X-Men: Children of the Atom, is an important fault, but the fact is that the lack of news is also visible. Captain Marvel, Gam


ora and Ultron on the side of Marvel and Jedah (one of the main villains of the Darkstalkers universe) with Mega Man X on the side of Capcom. Black Panther or Sigma, also debutants, have stayed at the DLC.


Marvel vs.  Capcom Infinite