Event [0]

The first adventures, before the graphics, are the conversational calls, where the computer describes a situation to you and you wrote what to do next. I, however, had the opportunity to play the first King’s Quest, which even with graphics, used the Parser system before the later system of Sierra icons. The same: you had to write the actions with the keyboard t


o fulfill Graham’s mission. The truth is that, at my young age, that game helped me to improve my English skills a lot, because if you wante


d to advance there was no other way than to give the dictionary to understand how to interact. I still remember learning the words Carrot, Goat and Dive for the first time and if I tell you all this is because Event [0] uses exactly this whole system to interact in 100% of the adventure. What if,


Thus, we can communicate with the Artificial Intelligence of the ship, that through a series of basic terminals we will have to access the records that happened in the past, as well as write a series of orders or questions to keep moving forward and learn more about the history . One that puts us in the middle of a drifting space station, with all the personnel dead or missing and the only Keizan company , the Artificial Intelligence that has a task for us.



But before continuing, I have to tell you another little battle. In the 90s there were many people doing basic programs that spread like wildfire. In my hands fell Paranoic, who literally let you talk with the computer. To this day, I still want to know who was behind that jewel full of acid responses to your questions. The base was very simple, obviously the prog


ram did not read your answers, only crossed words that you wrote with your database and chose the answer. In the background it was a work of Chinese, because if you wanted it to have more “intelligence”, more commands and answers you had to think the programmer.


Event [0] analysis

From these terminals we can interact with Keizan. It will not always be easy to please, so we will have to choose the words well.

And that is exactly the basis used by Event [0] to interact with Keizan, an AI that of course collects all the topics of the genre halfway between humor, insensitivity and threat. The interesting thing about the experiment, as it was in the 90s, is to manage to c


hain the sufficient answers not to break the suspension of credulity. That is, if you write the right questions, Keizan will give you the appropriate information, but if you empty or write anything, the AI ​​will simply give a random response, breaking the “magic” of the dialogue with cybernetic entity.


Therefore, much of what happens in Event [0] responds to the interest and participation of the player . And better yet, playing several times gives you the opportunity to ask new things and understand even more about the alternative 2012 that the work presents and delve into the past of the events of the Nautilus station .


Event [0] PC

Much of what happens in Event [0] responds to player interest and participation

Perhaps the biggest problem of Event [0], apart from some technical failures, is that it depends a lot on the use of terminals and talking to Keizan as the only mechanic. And although it has brilliant moments, which of course have to do with rides in zero gravity ,

it is missing the possibility of interacting with more elements of the ship, something that makes us stop thinking that writing on a computer i
s all we can do during the adventure. And it costs a lot to get rid of that strange feeling of not being able to touch anything around you, more than the keyboards of the terminals, almost as if you were just a camera or a ghost wandering through an abandoned orbital station.


Event [0]

To be able to make full use of the keyboard there are two forms of control for movement, one with the mouse and the classic with WASD, more comfortable, but less fast.

But that is the reality of the independent game: they focus and concentrate on exploiting a single original mechanics, instead of alternating them with others more or less known, and Event [0] seems to be aware that writing commands such


as “Open Door” or ” Open Log “ can be effective up to a point, but stretching it would be too boring. Therefore, after completing the long puzzle that is in the background to get a door code, comes its end, or its amalgam of endings that leave you


with a good taste, but also the feeling of how much could have been taken out of this idea with something more variety and depth, as for example Frictional did with its excellent SOMA. Because Event [0] has a lot of potential and at certain moments it h


as achieved the most difficult task that a videogame can propose: moving to the other side of the screen. I wish we had let explore a world richer in details, while we explore again the delicious theme of Artificial Intelligence through the medium that can contribute the most to the issue: video games.