Mario + the Rabbids Battle for the Kingdom

One of the strangest announcements at E3 2017, a project called « by Mario + the Rabbids Battle for the Kingdom “, created by the studio Ubisoft for Nintendo Switch, managed to surprise almost everyone.

Few expected that Krolegi (otherwise translate Rabbids somehow does not work) and Mario meet in one game, and even more strange was the fact that the genre was chosen the most common and these two game universes can cross format tactical strategy and not some bright arcade.

Perhaps that is why it was really interesting that the same happened with the developers in the end.

«Mario + Rabbids Battle for Kingdom” harrowing begins with scenes in which the steep fad invention, which is a head-mounted display, able to combine two different objects in one, accidentally falls into the hands Krolegov traveling between worlds.

And it works not so, as we would like – a few furry antics of madmen are Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach, while remaining completely mad and “merge” with the strange objects. After that, all the host of furry falls to the expanses of the Mushroom Kingdom, satisfied there riots and prevents live all who inhabit the Mario universe. And to solve the problems is necessary to the player.

The main character of this project is not Mario and Krolegi and Beep-0 robot, which also turned out to be together with all the other characters in the fairy world.

Outside of combat scenes we manage it to them, he had to mail various instructions, and even many of the new basic types of weapons he gets it. Since the device, which is so harmful to the world of the game, is also associated with the robot (all plot moves, which I describe, tell us straight in the introductory clip), then everyone will have to rescue it was he. With the help of a large and vibrant team, of course.

The game is interesting mixture of a platform strategy and tactics. From the first of these genres, it got huge, divided into chapters worlds filled with platforms, buttons, pipes, secrets and coins.

You will find a large number of adventures that begin right away, you should just move away from the scene. He is just what will drag you forward to new battles and struggles with large and cunning (but still nice and funny) bosses, and you’ll want to climb somewhere in the nondescript corridor, press the button and open access to new areas inside locations, and to novel secreted levels, and test.

It is necessary not just once or twice to return to areas already completed, when opened up new possibilities and abilities of the heroes to explore all the worlds a hundred percent. Awards is waiting for the very, very “tasty”.

Tactical same strategy, which replaced the familiar mechanics of the game about Mario (the one where you jump on enemies heads), too, was a success. Since this is the main part of the gameplay of the game, one might expect that the developers have not stinted on features, but they managed to almost impossible – to make really deep gameplay in a simple and child on the face of the game.

Each character, with whom you are acquainted, has his own fighting style, unique skills and abilities, and they possess different kinds of weapons.

Total for the fight of your team can get 3 of the character, but you will find the game much more heroes who are willing to participate in the clashes. And although it is unnecessary and useless characters and abilities are not, in principle, you can vary the styles of play, collecting exactly the composition of the “fighters”, which will help you win and suitable to your style of play.

For example, Mario can operate during an opponent’s turn, strengthen allies and painful hammering them on the head, and Kroleg Mario, though, too bad waving a hammer, can operate as a tank and to attract enemies, as well as to take a punch. When you collect the whole team can be really different approach to battles.

Weapons we equipping after a find in the game world chests cards or get something in the mail or as a reward for, say, the execution of a test. Then you need to buy it in headquarters (yes, activation costs money, but 1 time – after that you can switch between weapons much as you like), and only have to use.

All weapons are not entry-level has additional abilities that also affect the style of play – for example, if there is a chance to get to the opponent honey, the enemy will fall asleep for 1 turn on the spot, but if you shoot a gun, which affects the ink, then your opponent 1 can not turn to shoot.

The better the weapon, the higher his chance to impose an additional effect on the target – but make no mistake, ultimatums “ubivalok-guns” did not deliver, but opponents also would not mind to shoot you something interesting. With the effects.

Enemies are many, and because they are “fused” with a lot of different subjects, then their tactics are different, and the approach to the fight, too.

Each time the authors add in the behavior of furry fools something new, so even already well-known opponents may surprise non-standard way. What’s really nothing to talk about bosses and mini-bosses that are not straightforward in their attacks and forced to sweat.

Of course, if you do not try to beat the game with simplified fighting – but what’s the point if all the fun lies precisely in the battles?

Sami battles take place by different rules. Sometimes you have to kill all the enemies on the map, sometimes you need to win a certain number of them. Often we are forced to run to a certain point, and the loss in this stage is not important. But the escort missions require that the desired character got to the “finish line”, and in this case, already accounts seriously think about how to correctly calculate all the losses and not to lose.

Maps are different, the amount of natural and artificial obstacles for them vary, so you need to consider not only the various obstacles (some of them destroyed), but also the possibility of heroes.

Because knock the opponent off his feet and then shoot him from behind cover can be any of your charges, but someone can knock down twice (which is a lot of damage, especially in the early stages) and another character with the help of the jump can climb in a corner of the card, where it and can not get a shot – and then map it to the hills will give you the victory.

The tactics used by the time the ability and the ability to quickly orient themselves on a level, coupled with knowledge of the capabilities of his team and opponents – is a guarantee of success in this game.

In addition to the main world, the game has a “social area”, which lists the losers, and therefore cured krolegi to build you a new building and to open further opportunities. And you, getting down the story staircase, acquire new weapons, get a chance to upgrade the abilities of heroes (and discover new ones), to replenish the roster, participate in cooperative battles (each player controls 2 characters), and return to the stage has already passed, to have the possibility to open more secrets and hidden paths, and perform tests.

«Mario + Rabbids Battle for the Kingdom” was developed by Nintendo Switch, why is he on this platform without a single technical problem and perfectly controlled and JoyCon’ov, and Pro-controller. Looks at this game is very good, happy abundance of bright colors and recognizable parts – we were asked not to spoil the different game worlds, so we stopped at the screenshots only from the first, but rest assured that all the other locations look just as good. The trailer, in fact, can be seen with the naked eye.

It may seem that «Mario + Rabbids Battle of the kingdom” is designed exclusively for children to read, but it is not so. Ubisoft and Nintendo released the game for all ages that will be of interest to almost anyone who breathes unevenly to the tactical strategy,

Platform, bright colors, and the Rabbids by Mario. Making sight to the widest possible audience, the developers did not miss, and at the end of the summer offered us a very colorful game that can brighten up the impending fall. If you have a Nintendo Switch, the Mushroom Kingdom is counting on your help!