Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle:

Although many think that Mario – for children, theme and presentation of the material in many parts of the series is quite pull in the category and for adults too. Somewhere princess forced to swear obscenities explosive, somewhere Luigi must overcome his fears, where a villain Bowser shows that he, like Darth Vader, nothing human is alien. “Yubisoftovtsy” caught just such a tone, when added to the Mushroom Kingdom their furry monsters.

Therefore, here, of course, have branded grimaces and cries eared creatures, a little unnatural It’s me, Mario! and other pleasures for the junior high school band, but only adult gamers will be able to evaluate quotes from Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan), sketches by Shakespeare(William Shakespeare) and jokes about the rising night of the living dead.

These pearls make out pretty okay the story of how the world got into Mario VR-gadget that can connect two things in one. And he was wearing a wild krolega. And he began to create the excesses and generate the same disorderly cr … Well, you understand.

However, not all the animals stood on the side of evil and cookies. Some wore “kospleynye” costumes and joined the plumber, restoring law and order in the affected chaos kingdom. Such a mixed team and we have to manage about twenty hours.

Perhaps the blame plot can be put that it is not very much and it is not full of twists and turns, but the concentration on the gameplay for the turn-based strategy – is the norm.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle game review

I went to the well, and you would not believe, sitting there fucking kroleg! Johnny, these creatures learned to hide even there …


XCOM ten-man

And if on the part of the narrative in Mario + Rabbids reigns natured madness, the basic logic of the process is built clearly. This is not surprising, because the basis we have one of the best games of recent years in its genre.

Let severely simplified, but XCOM first felt in every inch of the local sites for a fight, divided into squares. Our heroes, the number of not more than three, must skillfully hide from enemies, rational use of both types of weapons and special abilities (analog Overwatch on the spot), which need time to recharge.

Every fighter gets in his class: Luigi – sniper Mario kroleg – attack, Peach rabbit – Medic. During the task also vary: it is necessary to simply kill all the escort valuable cargo, then to destroy a certain number of enemies endlessly arriving. From small-sized cards Ubisoft has done an excellent job, sometimes incredibly intelligent and require unconventional thinking and interaction between charges.

Unfortunately, the tactics a bit limited by the fact that Mario is obliged to participate in every battle and you need at least one long-eared companion.

But even in this form it is very thoughtful game where you have to calculate the moves, otherwise the computer quickly punish. The result significantly affect the case in the form of special effects such as burns or freezing, but then in the XCOMthe team could panic and bungle the operation.

The first half of the War of the Mushroom Kingdom can take place in a blitzkrieg operation, almost without noticing resistance. In every battle there is a limit of moves for a perfect evaluation, together with her to produce more money to buy new weapons.

So, the battle, where the ideal considered five or six strokes, I was able to complete two or three. Experienced generals first hour will be boring, but they must understand – many of the audience of this crossover for about ten years.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle game review

Wood abilities is present, but the size of it more like a Karelian birch – small and squat.


XCOM Crazy Rabbit

And somewhere from the third world and children are accustomed to freeloading adult becomes already difficult. Because the game is dramatically inflates the complexity produces against our heroes such nasty enemies as ghosts and Valkyrie, and that those that others are able to move at incredible distances and literally occur behind.

Overnight, a walk through the green lawn turn into Stalingrad, which will blow up all the fortifications, the counter moves will be double-digit, and the intermediate “boss” will force to start over again countless times.

Those who do not possess the talent of the commander, all these horrors simply make pereprohodit early stages and special trials in search of coins and areas that allow “pump” skills.

Way to draw attention to the additional content a bit boorish, but, as usual stages are beautiful and wonderful tests, the problem is not particularly annoying. It’s so great – kill four rounds than a predatory krolegotsvetok (the first “poluboss”), but three, but still surrounded by immortal carnivorous balls on a chain.

And when a small shock of the growth of complexity runs, you select the optimum for himself fighting trio, “pump” it desired “skills” and opens a secret area with all the new chests of prizes, by Mario + the RabbidsIt begins to look just perfect “casual” tactics.

Yes, here it is possible to simplify your destiny by selecting the easy mode, but do not want to – this brings satisfaction dragged on printsessovyh veins battle with the superior forces of the rabbit.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle game review

Contact with height Atk.


Your base is in another castle

If you wait for the story about the construction of the castle and the development of new technologies of mushroom – then I’m sorry. Battles between heroes run on linear zones, collect coins, open chests with prizes and solve the puzzle.

Puzzles here are not pulling in of Myst – until the last stage, they are resolved in a matter of minutes and sometimes even simple search options. Gradually robot assistant Beep-0, riding with our fighters, receives new opportunities – move boxes, break them and so on – and the puzzles become more complex.

Occupying approximately thirty percent of the time, the puzzle perfectly complement the basic, tactical workout for your brain, but nothing else special about Mario + Rabbids

It does not offer. Of course, while jogging, you can admire the beauty and look funny scenes with krolegami – the world turned saturated and bright. Best admired in the console mode – in a format portable image becomes easy “blur” and periodically resets the frame rate.

More here indescribably magical soundtrack that combines classic tunes from the Mario universe and composition, if moved to a time machine (of course, washing) from the era of the first PlayStation. It’s amazing that makes the game Ubisoft has , instead of the Nintendo , – feeling exactly the same as that of the best works of Japanese magicians.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle game review

A typical puzzle – unpretentious “tag” or amusement with switches.



Hard to believe, but the first top-end exclusive for Switch made studio. Mario + Rabbids combines all that is best in AAA-projects “Big N», as well as a strategic part that will please both novices and veterans of turn-based battles.

Local problems as not serious, krolegi themselves, but because I am in good conscience recommend that you love the smell of napalm in the morning, even if you never touched the games of this genre.

Pros: excellent tactical gameplay adapts bases XCOM for children and beginners, while leaving interest for experienced players; Ubisoft was able to reproduce the proprietary “magic the Nintendo » and make fun of stereotypes Mario universe.