Mario plus Rabbids: Battle for the Kingdom

When Mario + Rabbids More at E3 2017 exhibition in June, many have noted the similarity of the combat system with XCOM games of the series. Indeed, there are some similarities, but we would not say that the M + R – is a «XCOM about Mario.” In fact, the differences are many – and not only in the adventure part of the gameplay, but even in the fight.


The plot is fairly simple – similar ways to combine multiple universes we’ve seen. In short, a scientist invents a gadget (suspiciously similar to the PS VR), which allows you to move in parallel worlds, then a series of coincidences leads to the fact that the gadget into the hands bunnies (Rabbids), which are also randomly drawn into the story and Mushroom kingdom.

In general, the beautiful introductory cut-scene is not to be held deep meaning, but allows you to immerse yourself in the colorful world of the game, full of a kind of humor. In this game it is “safe for children”, although adults will notice it more jokes.

Of course, the fact that rabbits caught in the Mushroom Kingdom – is not the end of history, but the publisher asked not spoil in the review of further developments. Although, in general, “the end of a little predictable.”


Game Mario + Rabbids: Battle for the Kingdom is working on Nintendo Switch to 900p resolution in dock mode and 720p – in portable mode. Frame rate – 30 fps. Thanks to good smoothing lack of resolution on the TV is not visible, well, a low frame rate does not cause rejection because of the leisurely pace of the game (it’s still a game of strategy and not a platformer).

The entire game uses cartoon graphics on the company’s engine, the game world looks amazing, but compared with the traditional three-dimensional games about Mario color appears to be less intense. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to tilt the camera freely – the neighborhood will not be able to consider in detail. The camera can only rotate around a vertical axis, in adventure mode – at any angle in the battle mode – strictly at 90 degrees (as in XCOM).

Separately, we note that at its diversity and even the beauty of the game is just a 2.4 GB memory Switch. Generally, for games on Switch it has even become a good trend – the game look amazing, but require relatively little space in memory. This is not Gears Of War IV, which is not much different from the graphical versions of the game for the Xbox 360, but is set up to 100 GB on the Xbox One and PC.


But we move on, finally, to the most interesting – to the gameplay. He divided as it were into two parts: a study of the world and turn-based battles with enemies. Once during the study we come to the next location of enemies – the game goes into battle mode.

The first hour of the game fighting seemed to us quite easy, but in fact, it was just a tutorial. In the future, even more in the first world, the difficulty increases almost exponentially, and the game is really offered a serious test.

In the world of research mode, we manage our team (to be exact – we manage the blue robot Putt-0, which looks like a robot vacuum cleaner, the other characters follow him), collect coins, various objects, we find switches, provide access to other parts of the world, solve spatial puzzles (not very complicated, but sometimes quite interesting).

Also, at any time we can change the active composition of the team (in a team can be 3 characters), each member of the team a weapon, certain of their ability to pump.

In combat, the game becomes a single step – and there already have something in common with XCOM, though not very much. On the battlefield, there are obstacles – as complete (full-length), and half the height. Behind them can (and should) be hidden. Most destructible obstacles, and, if the character does not hit the target, he gets to the obstacle, and it is gradually destroyed.

Unlike XCOM, hit probability is calculated very easily: in standing up for a full shelter enemy likely to get from a conventional weapon – 0%. That is, you sure will fall into an obstacle. If the enemy is hiding behind a shelter half – 50% chance: either you will be taken to the enemy, or will be taken to the shelter and it begins to break down.

If the enemy is open or you spared him from the flank – the probability of 100%. Thus, a situation such as in XCOM, when at a distance of two cells character misses – is not the case at all.

Also, in contrast to the XCOM, the movement on the battlefield plays more value. And it’s not changing hideouts, and other opportunities associated with the movement. For example, you can make a mistimed challenge from the enemy, hitting him lightly, and back or move to another shelter, where continue to fire. Thus in one stroke can be removed more health from the enemy, than allowing your arms.