And if this is not the case, nothing happens either, that here there is more than enough quality to seduce even the new generations. Such is the charm of this cute videogame born, it could not be otherwise, from the hands of a lover of the legendary ZX Spectrum .


Noticeable. There are references, winks, tributes to the great legacy that this 8bits machine left us in the eighties, but above all there is affection and good taste in the design of the more than400 rooms that form the labyrinthine castle to which it transports us.


Getting lost behind its walls means returning to the past, to a different era, for some better, in which video games distilled a special aroma that Lumo has managed to recover with great success. Enjoy your action is like going back to those good


old days, but with the appearance of a current game and some new things that feel great. It has merit If something stands out from this adventure is its ability to surprise you again and again with the most disparate challenges. There are puzzles, there are traps, there are enemies to flee from and of course, a lot of plataformeo with flavor to classic.



One tribute after another

Those who comb gray hair will immediately feel at home. Lumo is an old-school video game in the broadest sense of the term. The challenges he pr

oposes, and how he poses them, are the best representation of the era he remembers; but far from being stale or outdated, you accept it as a breath of fresh air. Games like this are no longer done, we said before in the analysis, and it is a great point in favor. It’s not the only one.


Lumo analysis

There are not as many as we would have liked, but Lumo’s puzzles are ingenious and fun to beat. Some like this will make things difficult for you.

The design of the castle or, rather, how all of its rooms are related to each other with hidden passages, falls to the void that are not such, or winding sta


irs to the unknown is fantastic, because you feel it as a perfectly stitched whole. Not at the level of a metroidvania , neither was it the intention, in the sense that you can not retrace your steps, but enough to make exp


loration a key piece in the development of the game. Each room is a world, both for the challenges that we find in them, as well as for the many secrets that they keep. Sometimes simple collectibles , other essential items to continue in the adventure, and there are even well hidden passages that lead to six mini-gamesthat break with Lumo’s playable style. One pass


Lumo PC

The puzzles also have their importance in the adventure, although obviously here they send the challenges plataformeros, that there are of


all types. From the tests that will make us feel like Tarzan jumping from rope to rope, which will lead us to escape from flames, spears and other traps of the style; the wanderings on unstable surfaces that will fall apart on our w


ay, and even races on the ice, lakes of acid or any deadly element that crosses your mind. The veteran Gareth Noyce , sole responsible for the video game and also creator of great works such as Fable 2 or Crackdown 2, nothing has been left in the inkwell. If i


t appeared in the classics of yesteryear you will also see it in Lumo … multiplied by two !, that now technology allows creating more complicated and complex challenges.



Variety with retro flavor. In Lumo, as soon as you draw deadly traps, as you solve puzzles, you run for your life or you pilot a spaceship in the classic style.

The result is a great adventure that drinks from the great works of Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond; that has something of the legendary The Legend of Zelda, also of Knight Lore, of the great Head Over Heels, or of the memorable Batman of ZX Spectrum to name but a few. The creative freedom enjoyed by the author is also reflected in tributes and referenc


es to other works of the time such as Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, games by Jeff Minter and even movies such as Ghostbusters. All represented with great pleasure, fitting perfectly in the action of Lumo, which is also shown as a fun video game , which exudes a sense of humor from all its pores.


The puzzles also have their importance in the adventure, although obviously here send the challenges plataformeros

The experience could not be better … or yes, because not everything is perfect. His bet for the isometric view so typical of that time, a

nd above all the impossibility to handle the camera with freedom, makes it more difficult to realize full enjoyment of some platform challenges, by offering a perspective not very apt to accurately calculate the position of the surfa
ces where we must land. It is frustrating, why deceive us, because many times you will lose your life foolishly trying to reach a rope that was not where you thought you were. If you enjoy the Adventure Mode , nothing happens either; annoying, of course, but
as there are unlimited lives the problem ends there. The sensations with Classic Mode are very different, which does limit our lives, eliminates the map, and prevents us from recording the game. Everything like in 1985!