Lost Ember Review | Gamemag

Long-suffering project Lost ember from Mooneye after three years of waiting, he finally came out, offering players one of the most meditative and interesting adventures of 2019.

Similar in atmosphere and emotion to brilliant JourneyThe Lost Ember story raises important questions of love, fidelity, hatred, pride and responsibility for committed acts.

You, in the role of a wolf, must find your own road to the city of light, accompanied by a spiritual companion, a firefly, who will lead you through the world of memories and help understand the depth of the crime committed.

Divided into seven chapters, the story tells about a forgotten civilization, the struggle for freedom and the importance of reconciliation, primarily with oneself. Following in the company of a bunch of light, you travel through the ruins of ruined settlements, explore dark caves, run in the footsteps of a departed people, overcoming water expanses, cliffs and sandstorms covering the sky.

To find out the past, you activate special bonfires. A she-wolf can inhabit other animals, gaining for a while their unique abilities. Fish can dive and jump over streams of running water, funny wombats – gather in a ball and slide down the mountain cute or chew blue berries. Birds will help to soar in the air, and spicy tours – to climb the cliffs and pierce hard blockages with the forehead.

In total, 15 species of animals and fish are waiting for you, each of which offers a meditative immersion in the gameplay.

Separately, it is possible to note collection items that are directly related to the plot or its heroes, and unique species of animals that differ from the rest in a light color.

Soundtrack from the head of the music division Rockstar north Craig Conner and his colleague, senior sound engineer Will mortonoffers minor instrumental themes paired with atmospheric male vocals.

The music that sounds at important moments in the plot revelations only enhances the player’s emotional experience.