Chrome will soon start blocking “gluttonous” ads – review

In browser Chrome Ad blocking will start soon, which consumes a lot of traffic or system resources. Announced this Google. It is noted that the monitoring system will automatically cut off blocks of this nature.

The following indicators will become the criteria for evaluating the “gluttony” of advertising:

  • Advertising consumes more than 60 seconds of processor time in total or consumes 50% of the system’s resources for more than 30 seconds
  • The block downloads more than 4 MB of data from the network.

As noted, such an advertisement uses 28% of CPU resources and 27% of traffic, while its share is only 0.3% of the number of all blocks.

In the coming months, they will conduct selective activation of the opportunity for some users, and at the end of August the function will appear for everyone. At the moment, it is unclear how effective this approach will be.

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