Keeping your spirit

The graphical section presents slight improvements with respect to the first, although at first glance it remains with its characteristic s


tyle, this time thanks to the Unity engine. As for the sound, the music present in Before the Storm comes in charge of the indie folk / rock group: Daughter , which will surprise when setting a world created to have some passages of tranqu


ility, in which we will just sit and reflect on something that circles our mind while listening to the soundtrack and we let ourselves go. The voices of the g


ame are presented in English, although the language and accent used is very understandable and this time we will have subtitles and all the posters, texts and others translated into Spanish from the first day.

We still do not know the date on which we can enjoy “A happy world” and “Hell is empty”, the second and third chapters and quite sure that the wait will be long after a great end as is the one that presents this first episode that opens the long-awaited prequel. We


can get the season pass for € 16.99 on PC , PS4 and Xbox One and the deluxe edition for € 24.99,which has a package of outfits, a way in which we can mix the music of the game and an additional episode in which we will see a dear friend again. A reasonable price f


or a title that, although we have only played the first of its three parts, aims that it will not disappoint and although it probably does not reach the excellent height of the first Life is Strange, it will leave us with a shocking story , moving and more than remarkable.

Life is Strange (PS4) screenshot


Life is Strange: Before the Storm starts in a very remarkable way in the first of its three episodes: “Wake up”, introducing us to young and rebellious Chloe Price and Rachel Amber three years before the fateful events of the first installment. As they met and helped at a time when both were going through family and personal problems will be the central pillar of this prequel, which promises to be touching and leave our mark on the heart once again.

The mechanics of time travel will be replaced by the “challenges of insolence”, through which we can face verbally certain characters to get something from them or trigger situations that will vary the plot. As in the first, the weight of our decisions will play an important role in the development and outcome of the story, the butterfly effect will return. Despite not presenting much complexity in terms of puzzles and gameplay, his special style in the genre of graphic adventures, combined with his particular graphic style and masterful visual section, will take us back to Arcadia Bay to complete the gaps that remained in the history.

Friendship, love and adolescent rebellion, this is Life is Strange: Before the Storm, apparently less transcendental than its predecessor, but just as interesting and addictive.