LEGO The Incredibles game

LEGO The Incredibles game -The family of super heroes

The LEGO Series has become, in recent years, a self-contained video game with its own features and gameplay mechanics .

Since 1995, so far, 67 games have been launched and since 2007 they have been developed by the English company TT Fusion .

Many of them are adaptations of a series of popular films such as Star Wars , Caribbean Pirates and Harry Potter .

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The games are based on solving puzzles, destroying pieces and rebuilding them, fighting with various enemies and co-operating with another player.

In each adaptation you can unlock various characters, each with powers and abilities that you can control in open-world mode .

Launched on June 13, 2018 in America, and later in the UK and Europe, LEGO The Incredibles game coincides with the release of the second Disney Pixar film, although it uses the content of both films.

Depending on the situation, you can get into the skin of all members of the Parr family and the goal is to build your strategy according to the powers of each.


Like any LEGO series video game, The Incredibles uses classic principles: Destroy and create, co-operate with the other player to get over obstacles, solve puzzles, collect new characters and secret items.

The game allows you to control superheroes and enemies from both movies and other Disney animations such as Finding Nemo or Toy Story.

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The Parr family is in the center of attention, each with a set of special abilities: Mr. Incredible has superhuman power and invulnerability.

Elastigirl can manipulate body shape as required, Violet becomes invisible and can generate a force field.

Dash runs with great speed, and Jack-Jack has more power, including transforming into a human torch or a fierce monster.

You can choose to go through the main story or open-world , where the action takes place in the cities of Municiberg and New Urbem.

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Both have a retro-futuristic air, where you can explore and complete the side missions, although the world is not very diverse, as it was for example in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 .

A plus are the crime waves and a series of special missions where you have to release the area of ​​villains, such as Brainfreezer or Bomb Voyage.

Being a cooperative game, the screen is divided so that each player can see their own action area.

In the main story you have to combine certain powers, but you can experiment at will.

Which is fun and interactive for both game partners.

It is seen as a kind of video game oriented primarily to children.

Due to the low difficulty level of puzzles and repetitive missions.

LEGO The Incredibles game is not far from a challenge.


Beyond the style of the video game series, LEGO The Incredibles game manages to reproduce each character very well.

As are the areas where the action takes place.

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Sure, some super heroes look bizarre, but they are elements of the charm of the series.

A minus is the camera, which gives a beating and can affect the coordination between the players.


The soundtrack quality in LEGO The Incredibles game is good enough to provide you with that superhero movie atmosphere.

Michael Giacchino manages to give the air of the ’60s, and this gives extra originality.

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The characters’ voices are better than I expected, though not all have the same voice actor in the animation.



With just two movies from which the content was extracted, the story of LEGO The Incredibles game felt a bit hurried to other LEGO editions.

And if you do not want spoilers to recommend you see Incredibles 2 before.

I was a little confused at the beginning of the game.

I did not know where the story started until I realized that it was the action of the second animation.

Only after completing all the story mode missions can you access the action of the animation in 2004.

Which seemed to me to be an uninspired movement of the developer from a narrative point of view.

Broadly speaking, the video game successfully reproduces the story of the animations.

With some changes designed to adapt to gameplay .

This is what you can expect from a LEGO game, but it’s limited compared to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.



If you are a connoisseur of the LEGO video game series.

The Incredibles is welcome in the collection and adapts the content of animations well enough to be fun.

A lot of trophies and missions that give extra diversity.

However, low difficulty levels and repetitive missions may reduce the enthusiasm of a gamer that needs some more complexity.