LEGO may release a set based on the Untitled Goose Game – review

In the “creative laboratory” LEGO Ideas an unusual set appeared. It is dedicated to last year’s sensation, Untitled Goose Game. And according to the idea, the set reflects the joys of a peaceful village life in company with a goose, capable of poisoning the existence of a dozen farmers per hour.

The planned set includes a small garden with a shed and figures of a goose and a farmer. The gardener will have several plants and a whole set of tools: a sprinkler, a spoon, a shovel, a sun hat, a hammer, a sign prohibiting geese and much more.

A set dedicated to a goose can go into production if it gains at least 10 thousand subscribers. However, this is not guaranteed: Lego may refuse the idea, for example, due to copyright. It is for this reason that the selection, in particular, sets for The legend of zelda and My little pony.