Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2

Comic strips and bricks
The story of Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2  follows those of the first chapter. While our goodwill are busy dealing with daily criminality, Kang the Conqueror works in the shadows to conquer space and time: traveling through the dimensions, in fact, the anti-her
o manages to “capture” areas from various Marvel universes and unite them in one place, Chronopolis . This narrative background serves to just
ify the great variety of characters that we will meet: the classic Spider-Man and Capitan America will be flanked by lesser-known characters such as Gwenpool , Capitan Av
alon and so on. Even the settings echo this variety, bringing us through Asgard, Lemuria, Wakanda, Nueva York and more. Although the narra
tive plot is not extremely complex, Lego’s humor goes well with the one of the latest Marvel film productions (we think of Guardian of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok or, still, Ant-Man), giving a nice feeli
ng of familiar to anyone who has seen at least one of the films of the House of Ideas.
Moving on the quality of prod
uction, it’s not a mystery that lego titles have never shone particularly for their graphics sector, and this Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is no exception. On Playstation 4 (remember that the game will also come on X
box One , Switch and PC ), the game does not differ from what has been seen in other Lego adventures, with a colorful and sympathetic graphic that recreates many colorful settings from the comic strip universe Marvel, without however excelling in
any particular aspect. Although no major steps can be seen, some of the historical defects of the series seem to have been covered: in particular, the annoying tearing effect seems to have disappeared, which has always accompanied Lego’s productions. Developers ha
ve also worked to make the game more fluid than the previous episodes, where unusual slowdowns were not, especially in the most cramped situations.
Of course, some hiccups remain, especially playing in split-screen, but the situation is greatly improved from this point of view. There is nothing to complain about, however, the audio compartment, which offers good accompaniment motives and a good Italian dubbing, as it is now legitimate to expect from a series title.
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, Review of Lego Superheroes
Walking around the universes
The Lego Legacy Lego gameplay does not need presentations anymore: this is a platform-action of a classic style where the resolution of small puzzles alternates in short fights and, above all, in search of the many collections scattered around t
he game world. Nothing too challenging, therefore, and this is the key to Lego titles’ success: the great accessibility that allows an adult like a baby to take the pad in his hands and have fun with a light but never too bland challenge .
From its predecessor, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 resumes the two-stage division: the classic sliding levels and the open-world phases.
The sliding levels are the ones through which the story goes: in them we will have to make use of certain characters, each of which will have a peculiar ability. For example, Star-Lord can fly, ability to reach otherwise inaccessible places. Captain America , on the other hand, can launch his shield to hit distant switches. D
octor Strangecan manipulate space and time by creating portals; and so on. Each hero, therefore, has its reason to exist, and being able to d
ress up a huge number of Marvel characters is one of the strengths of production. Each character is also presented with a card that synthesizes its origins and history, so that it can also give a first siphon to those who do
not know the Marvel universe as its pockets. As a tradition, the levels will be re-accessible once they’re finished, using any unlocked character up t
o that point. Going back on your footsteps is necessary as we will often find only accessible areas with a character that we will not have at this time. And here Lego title hides its true essence in the spasmodic search of any secret.
And the open-world part is full of secrets: here we can move freely throughout Chronopolis , passing through the various areas that make it. Between side quests, collectibles and challenges of various kinds, you will spend hours hopping (or walking, if you prefer) into the s
ky of the city in search of everything that the game will make available to you. To tell the truth, you may find yourself wandering in the city even without a definite goal: exploring Chronopolis is a fun pastime that manages to give you fun with respect to the main quest.