League of Legends in the new spectacular CGI-trailer blew up the Internet

Most popular game developers League of Legends released a new spectacular trailer for the project with top-end graphics to the music of the band Imagine Dragons. More than 2.5 million players watched the new video in a matter of hours.

According to Gamebomb.ru, the company Riot games published the new League of Legends CGI trailer, timed to coincide with the start of the new gaming season of 2023 in one of the most popular games in history. The video used the cult song Warriors from the band Imagine Dragons, which was performed by 2WEI and Edda Hayes. The well-known studio Blur Studio, responsible for cinematic trailers for many popular games that are known among gamers, worked on the graphics in the new trailer.

More than 2.5 million users of the network watched the new League of Legends video in a matter of hours, and in total the video received more than 550 thousand likes from viewers. League of Legends fans have once again stated that they would love to watch a similar movie or animated film in their favorite franchise. It is worth noting that recently, in honor of the decade of League of Legends, Riot Games announced several different projects in this universe at once, including the animated series Arcane.

The League of Legends game was released in October 2009, and over the past 10 years has become one of the most popular and successful projects in the entire history of the industry. According to available data, about 8 million people daily played the game of League of Legends at the end of 2019, according to Gamebomb.ru.