Kainga, Beasties and 8-bit Apocalypse go to Kickstarter

Several projects have announced the start of a crowdfunding campaign for Kickstarter… And we have already written about some of them: in particular, about an unusual city-planning simulator with elements of a roguelike Kainga, on which one developer is working.
Kainga: Seeds of Civilization requires $ 15,000 to succeed, and $ 2,000 is already in the account. Even if the intended goal does not work out, Eric Rempen will bring his project to release. But with financial help, he can add a lot more variety to the session tests. He has 31 days to try.

Beasties Is an adorable game about taming monsters, farming, making friends, exploring and crafting. In turn-based battles, a match-3 system is used. The game is inspired by the best projects Nintendo, as well as Pokemon, Darkest dungeon, cartoon studio Ghibli and Stardew valley

The game is planned to be released on Nintendo Switch and PC. Success on Kickstarter will give developers independence from publishers and loyalty to their own vision. To do this, you need to collect almost 25 thousand dollars in 35 days. So far, there are a little over a thousand on the account.

Finally, 8-bit Apocalypse describe as Zelda: A Link to the Pastif the game was a 2D open-world RPG platformer. One developer is working on the game, Rasmus Koenig Sørensen, the author 8BitBoy… But the success of crowdfunding will allow it to attract experienced professionals.

To cope with the task, 8-bit Apocalypse needs to collect almost 67 thousand dollars. There are 29 days for this, but the account is almost empty.

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