Just Cause 3



Analysis of Just Cause 3

Technology advances at breakneck speeds, and that to video game lovers, we love to see it in any corner of this industry.


We look for photorealistic graphics, unpublished mechanics and overwhelming stories. In pursuit of new technical limits, it was expected that we all put our radar on Just Cause 3 when it was announced that the extension of its new map, the idyllic Medici archipelago, was to be about 1,000 square kilometers in size. The final result? Well, we’re not going to fool you.


The map is colossal and there are hundreds of things to do in a game that champions chaos and destruction as main mechanics. Of course, at the expense of reducing in other aspects, such as graphics and technical section. However, with many hours in between, we can assure


you that the game is one of the funniest sandboxes we have tried and the chaos that we can generate is spectacular, but the gameplay suffers as the hours pass and the title can be very flat for those looking for something more They burst gasoline tanks. We tell you the virtues and defects of this Just Cause 3.

Justifying the explosions

And we start with something that obviously tends to worry a lot of the players: the plot. Without going into details, the premise is simple and quite worn. We have a bad dictator who is oppressing and enslaving our homeland, and the goal is more than obvious.


Just Cause 3 does not shine for its argument, nor for its narrative acuity. It offers us an anecdotal story, whose pretext serves to make us blow things up in a thousand pieces and which serves as a guide to explore and reconquer the Medici archipelago.


There are great strokes of humor, irony, surreal moments and epic moments, but Just Cause 3 will not go down in history in this sense.

We have about 15-20 hours in its main plot, an amount that can easily exceed 60 if we want to go for all the additional content offered, content that, incidentally, focuses on what you have guessed? The most absolute destruction. Conquer cities,


destroy military bases of colossal size and cause as much chaos in the minimum possible time. Just Cause 3 is going to give you a huge map to make you jump all over the air, and what is proposed, gets it to perfection. Playing your story we will not notice much, we will not have incentives to empathize with its protagonists and we will skip t


he cinematic too often to go direct to action. But that is the idea of ​​Just Cause 3. Give you an excuse to destroy things.


Give a villain to destroy your things. And give you a rebellion to fight for … and why destroy things. As the brother of our protagonist says at the beginning of the game:


“Rico, everything you destroy, we will rebuild”. It is seen that the friend knows very, very well, that with Rico in between there is going to be too much to rebuild.

1,000 Kilometers of explosions

Exploit things. So we could summarize Rico’s adventure. We go to a city and we make everything that can explode, explode, to free it. We assaulted a post, settlement,

or military base of Di Ravello’s forces and caused everything to jump through the air to conquer it. The Médici map is huge, and although the game graphically weakens a lot, with textures and animations from the


past generation everywhere, its world is beautiful and attractive, and always invites us to explore it and lose ourselves for hours on it.


The hook, next to the parachute and the air suit, will be our main means of transport, and always get what the game wants: that we move very fast through the gigantic map. And that was one of our main doubts and that the game solves with success. In such a big scenario, Distances were the main question,


but thanks to the agility of our protagonist and the many points of Quick Trip, this aspect is more than solved. Special mention deserves the issue of not being able to run (nor aim with most weapons), the hook being the core of our mobility although sometimes it is somewhat forced to depend so much on it.

Just Cause 3 (PC) screenshotJust Cause 3 (PC) screenshot

As for the destruction, it is accessible and clear from the beginning. Everything that can be destroyed is red, so, whenever you see something of that color, shoot it and see how it jumps through the air. Assaulting a base and causing reactions in chain with the explosions is really spectacular, these being the most remarkable of the technical section of the title.


Even the bullets cause gas leaks in the tanks causing, after a while, to explode. We can destroy with complete ease entire scenarios taking advantage of the


chain reaction caused by the explosive objects that are in them, and seeing the poor soldiers of Di Ravello get fired due to our particular pyrotechnic shows is highly satisfactory. And fun, like hooking them to a car and seeing how they are dragged to death.