Jurassic World Evolution

The Park is open
The trailer shown begins with a sequence that closely resembles the first seconds of Jurassic World , the fourth film of the famous Stevens Spielberg franchise (inspired by Michael Crichton’s books), which in 2015 has recorded cheery receipts in box offices around the world.
 If it was not clear from the title, it’s just the park seen in Jurassic Worldthat the game proposes to manage. From the trailer we can see, in fact, the structures and means we have seen in the film, such as the “gyrosphere”, which in the film allowed park visitors a close contact with the dinosaurs.
Also from the video shown, we can also guess that we will face problems like the escape of dinosaurs from their containment areas: we see a T-Rex break through its fence to sow panic among park security officers and herbivorous animals (specifically, they are Adrosaurids) located in the adjacent area.
This could mean that during the game we will not only have to build our park, including animals and attractions, but also to ensure the safety of the park itself.
 Note, however, that for now we have at least two species confirmed in the game: the definitive number will surely be higher and we expect to surely see the other stars of Jurassic World , namely the Velociraptor and Indomitus Rex; In addition, given the release date, close to that of the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom , it is quite possible to expect the introduction of new species that will be present in the fifth film of the saga, which is still unknown title.
Jurassic World Evolution, preview of the new Jurassic Park management
“That first park was legit”
The idea of ​​creating your own Jurassic Park is certainly not new in the gaming world. In particular, two were the predecessors of this new chapter.
 We are talking about Jurassic Park III: Park Builder for Game Boy Advance (2001) and Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis , released on PS2, Xbox and PC in 2003. These two titles (which become four if we count the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World , developed by Ludia) can give us an idea of ​​what will be Jurassic World: Evolution.
 In both, the player has to create a dinosaur theme park and make it as attractive as possible for his visitors, installing attractions, discovering the best routes to follow while hiking, and so on. In short, the player must understand how to operate his park and how to maximize his client’s satisfaction.
Clearly, as a park with animals, one must also think about their well-being: from food to company, from water to the environment around them, everything must be cared for so that dinosaurs can live a long and prosperous life without creating problems of sorts to the park staff.
It is likely that we will find all of these elements in Jurassic World: Evolution , although some factors will change. In the titles dedicated to Jurassic Park , in fact, extensive space was given to paleontological research on dinosaurs, with the envy of a team of scientists looking for amber to extract new DNA.
In Jurassic World , as we know, genetic engineering has now gone by giant and dinosaurs are an old discovery. It is therefore likely that, rather than focusing on ancient fossils, developers will be able to create new attractions in the form of new dinosaurs.
The hybrid concept in the film is used through Indomitus Rex, but it is clear that Indomitus would be just the first of a long series of genetically modified dinosaurs: this is one of the main themes of the film, and we are therefore led to believe which will also play a large part in Jurassic World: Evolution .