The Ragnarok has finally arrived

 For Honor review


And to say that of events before arriving at the fateful yes we have made several together, we met in Los Angeles for a fleeting glimpse , we met in Germany at Gamescomto know each other better and then we were together two very long weekends during which

Or Honor was revealed in all its parts, without filters. No tricks to beautify the trailer to convince us to purchase and no presentations with great pomp to decant peculiarities that I would not have found then once reached the altar.


It was a beautiful, clean story and at each meeting love grew more and more. At Valentine’s Day we took our hands, finally, and declared ourselves eternal love, revealing to each other our deepest secrets.


In these years, some things kept them hidden and only after having spent almost thirty hours together we finally had the complete picture of the situation.


Thirty hours in less than two days are not few but between the stories of his past and some skirmishes online time has literally flown.


Yet it only seems to have scratched the surface. Ubisoft for honor is not a title from a blow and away, it is not a title that you can take, play a few hours and put it aside on the shelf: it is a title to devote all your time, with maximum dedication and spirit of sacrifice. A multiplayer game that does not accept betrayals.

For Honor is a unique title, able to give great satisfaction



For Honor  has a single player campaign, but it also allows you to tackle it in co-op with a friend, if you wish.


The campaign in question lasts almost six hours at the normal level, but it will be able to deal with it for at least twice as long as you decide to try it realistically (without any kind of interface and without a checkpoint) recovering every extra.The collectibles do not have a mere completion but serve to unlock ornaments, steel and styles for your emblems to show off online.


A reason more than enough to complete the main storyline. Without this stimulus, the eighteen levels that make up the history of  for honor xbox one  still remain quite useful because they work exactly like a huge introductory tutorial, even though they never enter the particularities of each specific class and almost always leave the player interested in advanced mechanics.

The Ragnarok has finally arrived

You can then start playing the campaign immediately, move your broadsword to the right and left by mowing legions of artificial weapons controlled by artificial intelligence, receiving in return satisfaction and gratification for the massacre.


You will walk mighty on the walls of the castles, in the snow-capped mountains populated by Viking tribes and watch the world that burns at your feet from the top of Japanese pagodas.


The campaign of  for honor news  offers exciting moments and feelings of omnipotence, amusing the player and making him learn the basics of the combat system in a different way than usual.


To join all the dots we think then a plot that lets you follow pleasantly, a story that despises the weak and press the bold and wolves, laying the foundations for what will then wait for you online.


There are six hours of skirmishes, violent clashes, blood, broken bones and beheadings. Fun and pleasant but without that twist that would have made it all unmissable.


There is a lack of cohesion between one level and another and some situations are presented too often, revealing an excessive repetitiveness, attenuated by some level design choices that try to offer a little variety to the production.


We will run at breakneck speed on horses avoiding obstacles, there will be sections where you can shoot with a ballista and even moments where you can resist waves of soldiers in pure horde style but nothing really memorable.

The Ragnarok has finally arrived

Even from the point of view of the spectacle we are far from what was offered by Crytek with Ryse, who despite not having an excellent campaign managed to exude greater spectacularity.


Ubisoft  seems almost afraid of overdoing it,presenting an unrealistic world where samurai, knights and Vikings clash against each other but then take their feet off the accelerator in moments when you could dare something more.


It is perhaps the fault of the cinematographic shots that fail to exalt in the highlights or the few screen enemies compared to what is offered by the competition, but after the missions remains that bitter aftertaste for a missed opportunity, conscious that with little effort we would have had a real masterpiece in our hands


The delicacy of the reviews on the online game is that the release is not the end of development, but the starting point.
The review for honor ps4 only fixes one state of the game in history and eventually ceases to be relevant, which does not happen, for example, with texts on story games and movies. Running forward I will say that  for honor ubisoft  will not cease to change and do not look good in a year or two, but we will leave forecasts for later, but for now let’s analyze what this game should be loved right now.

Not for a single campaign – that’s for sure. It is so bad that, praising the game in front of friends, it’s embarrassing to mention that there is a story mode in it. I’m still waiting for someone to ask me how they do it: you say that the game is so good, and the campaign in it is full of shit? Yes, shit.


And if it was not at all, the game would only benefit from this. For Honor does not need a single mode – we are not here for this purpose. Moreover, Ubisoft perfectly understands that in a multiplayer-oriented game the campaign is not so important – remember Tom Clancy’s The Division . No hero is disclosed in it, the main problem has not been solved. The plot is there only to have the excuse to drive the player back and forth across the beautiful winter Manhattan.

In  Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: There is no campaign at all – instead of it we are offered to play alone on each multiplayer map with bots. And nothing – no one complained, because the game is about something else. So why was it necessary now to break their own principles and invest in a useless eight-hour appendage to the chic multiplayer?

 For Honor release
Developer Flag of Canada Ubisoft Montreal
Flag of Germany Ubisoft Blue Byte (PC)
Publisher The whole world Ubisoft
Release date February 14, 2017
Genre Hack and slash
Platforms Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Game engine AnvilNext 2.0
Game Modes single-user , multi-user

The first trailer from E3 2015 – not only is it terribly stylish, it also perfectly conveys what is happening in the command mode “Capture of territories”.

Nevertheless, there is a plot mode, and because of this for honor game can not be recommended, as an unambiguously good game – not to keep silent about the bad campaign. The funniest thing is that it is divided into three parts (knights, Vikings and samurai), and the first third is the most boring, it discourages the desire to go through the game further. If you endure it – no, nothing radically changes.


Do not appear elaborate characters, classroom history and clever dialogues. The gameplay will not change much until the very end: you will run forward and, with a slight annoyance, glancing at the clock, clearing the locations from the bots of three varieties – very weak, medium and the same high-grade as your heroes character, but, naturally, stupid.

Despite the fact that the artificial intelligence of the enemies acts as a template, it is perfect as a sparring partner. Especially for new players who only learned that strikes in For Honor can be done from three racks: left, right and top; and to put the block, you need to shift your sword in time on the side with which you are going to be shot. The system of fencing is simple and understandable, but the game would not be so fascinating if it were limited to banal swinging of swords.

Advanced training is the only worthy excuse for the campaign. At least because it forces you to try out different characters. On the other hand, the system of matchmaking in multiplayer for a long time will keep you in such a “paddling pool” – reservations with the same newcomers as you.


Until you get the first reputation point (issued for every 21 levels of the hero), the game will not throw you to experienced players. And to force this transition is definitely not worth it – it dramatically changes the game. From gay and chaotic it turns into a deep tactic, and the more you pump the characters, the more serious the intentions of the rivals.

Review of The For Honor.  Game Review - Image 4
The campaign can take place on a realistic level, where the entire interface is disabled, and it’s necessary to recognize the enemies from which side you will be beaten. At first it’s interesting, but quickly turns into a headache when levels with fast opponents start. However, someone might like this test.

You need to train on bots in any case. In  For Honor PC a complex combat system, and random opponents – not in a dueling mode one on one, or in team battles of four men on each side – will not be enough to work out new tricks and tricks.


All  for honor characters  are very different from each other, and if for understanding the mechanic of the first vanguard of the avant-garde will need to spend a couple of fights, spying on the list of receptions, then sharpen to perfection the reflection technique of the samurai orota, believe me, it will take a very long time. In this and the beauty of the game – you can choose a character to your liking, improve your skills on it, and completely ignore those for whom you did not like playing. As in fighting games.

Review of The For Honor.  Game Review - Image 6

“The plot of For Honor is important to us!”

Last year, we  interviewed the brand manager For Honor, Luc Duchaine, in which he assured us that the story campaign will be an important part of the game. And he promised that the single regime will get to know the world of the game, show real drama, memorable heroes and a well-developed antagonist.

And where is all this, Luke? Why did you deceive us?

Now most of the players do: find themselves a pet and pump only him, but in the future everything will change.


When the ranking system appears, one character will not be enough – you will have two or three heroes in reserve to choose between them depending on the card, the team composition and so on. Also, several sets of equipment with different characteristics will not be superfluous.


Change in the equipment can only six items: three pieces of armor and weapons, but each element in turn has three unique properties, so there is where to clear up (and patent their own builds).


Things randomly issued at the end of each match, but so to collect everything you need – the right quality and the right characteristics – is almost impossible, it’s easier to buy chests with sets.