Far Cry 5, we returned to Montana with Ubisoft

Montana, where chaos reigns sovereign
One of the novelties of this Far Cry 5 is to be able to choose a companion to take in the course of the adventure and actively participate in the action.
Although in the final version of the game, the Ubisoft team has assured us that the choices will be multiple, in this short trial our options were limited to three potential companions: Nick Rye, reckless aviator (our choice), Grace Armstrong, ex-marine the chosen shooter, and finally a cute dog, trained to shake off anything that hints the least suspicious movement.
The hands on us catapulted immediately into the conflict, and after a few seconds of useful orientation, Far Cry 5 is able to bring out all the features already known in the previous chapters: the feeling with the shooting phases is always very immediate, fun and rhythmic, perfect for falling straight into the ‘ action and start killing enemies on enemies. In terms of gunplay, the answer is always satisfactory and realistic, with the high-caliber weapons that are difficult to use due to an overdone recoil and low throw.
 Montana’s iconic environments then help create a fascinating setting that stimulates exploration, which has always been a key element of the brand, and will also play a key role this time. Also the design level has seemed very functional, due to urban agglomerations alternating with wooded landscapes rather than small hills on which to shelter and then resume the assault.
The first part of the quest consisted in this: move dexterously and fierce between the various houses in the neighborhood and use the small raised areas to breathe a few seconds, then proceed once again to the elimination of all the enemies; it was fun, brutal but maybe too simple. Obviously, there are still a few things to do but they are still missing several months later, and we are confident that Ubisoft will overcome some minor shortfalls in terms of IA, balance, difficulty, and some drop in frame rates we will talk about very little.
Far Cry 5, we returned to Montana with Ubisoft
Terror in the clouds
After killing a few decades of furious adepts, the demo continues with the activation of another quest; before continuing with the story, we asked some questions about the Ubisoft team to figure out how Far Cry 5 ‘s sub quest will work. We have been told that everything will be more dynamic and less, let us pass the term, linear.
The activation of secondary quests will no longer be forced to speak with Tizio or Caio, rather it will be possible to unlock additional missions also by recovering some documents or simple exploration.
Although these good intentions are still to be verified, we continued with our short story and headed for a landing hangar to free the area and take possession of a short airplane. Once again the scheme is very familiar: you get to the point of interest, kill all the present and take control of the situation.
Then we take the lead of the small plane and discover that we have to bomb some enemy outposts. Here comes some limit or, if we want, complication in the system of control of the medium: it is not easy to pilot it at best and at the same time be effective in the clash. After we have died, we sometimes complete the mission and with it the demo of this E3 2017.
We took a bit of the high altitude sequence to take a look at the gaming world and the glimpse is remarkable: Montana is well-characterized and represents perfectly those that are American landscapes, unique and somehow disturbing. The problem lies more in the resolution, when in the “ground” phases we notice of unfinished polygonal models, coupled with a frame rate that sometimes lurks a bit, maybe too.
We also wanted to ask for some information about the Xbox One X version and we were told that the game will naturally be in native 4K but will not turn at 60fps; It’s a pity, but we suspend the final judgments in review.