“We need to support them, not coffins” – what they say about the match Virtus.pro and Team Liquid

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The Internet reacted violently to the match between Virtus.pro and Team liquid in the playoffs DreamLeague Leipzig Major according to Dota 2. Viewers called this game epic, and analysts have already sorted out the mistakes of the team from the CIS. Cybersport.ru gathered the most emotional opinions about this meeting.

English-speaking match commentator Michelle Moxxi Song admitted that she hurt her hands in a fit of emotion.

Michelle Moxxi Song:

“I hit the table so hard during the match that I hurt my hands. Oh my god, what a damn awesome commenting game. ”

Vitaly v1lat Volochaywhich together with Roman CaspeRRR Lepokhin He commented on this match on a Russian-language broadcast, was brief.

Vitaly v1lat Volochay
Vitaly v1lat Volochay:

“I am everything.”

Andrey Mag Chipenko and Jonathan Loda Berg just admired what they saw.

Andrey Mag Chipenko
Andrey Mag Chipenko:

“Epic game!”

Jonathan Loda Berg
Jonathan Loda Berg:

“What game is this!”

Liquid celebrated the victory so violently that Petu Peksu Vaatainen began to worry about Tommy Taiga Leah.

Petu Peksu Vaatainen
Petu Peksu Vaatainen:

“Poor Tommy, he almost died after celebrating the victory. The ending of the game was insanely good! ”

Player Team secret Yazid YapzOr Zharadat could not sleep.

Yazid YapzOr Zharadat
Yazid YapzOr Jaradat:

“I tried to fall asleep for an hour, thanks, Taiga.”

Taiga himself after the match admitted that at some point Liquid no longer believed in victory.

Tommy Taiga Leah
Tommy Taiga Leah:

“I can not believe this. I am proud of my team, which did not give up at the end, although deep down we all thought that it was all over. And suddenly a miracle happened. GG, Virtus.pro, what an intense game. ”

Leah’s game in this match was marked by Team Secret, who joked that Dark Willow would certainly ban in the match against Liquid.

Viewers from the CIS had less positive emotions. Yaroslav NS Kuznetsov I am sure that in any other situation Virtus.pro would have won this match.

CaspeRRR also believes that Virtus.pro had enough opportunities to win this match.

Muriel Kips Huysman believes Virtus.pro was one step away from victory, but Vladimir No[o]ne minenko not enough eight seconds before reloading items.

Muriel Kips Huysman
Muriel Kips Huysman:

“No[o]ne literally was not enough eight seconds before reloading the Refresher Orb and the subsequent use of the Black King Bar and Hex, when Taiga started shooting him from a minigun. I am not saying this to point a finger. Much happened before the game reached this point. I want to show how close it was. ”

Insider drunkstudanal noted that at the end of the meeting, Virtus.pro players were in a very stressful situation.

Commentator RuHub Vladimir Maelstorm Kuzminov already waiting for change.

Content creator Bad Playa, on the contrary, supported a team from the CIS, noting the personal achievements of some players in the roster.

The departure from the tournament was also commented by the captain Virtus.pro Alexey Solo Berezin.

Alexey Solo Berezin
Alexey Solo Berezin:

“The game was interesting. In best-of-1, anything can happen. In principle, we played to the end – we did everything we could. They made a big mistake at the end, but I think you already saw it all. What happened at this tournament and what is happening in our team is not what we want and what you would like from Virtus.pro. I think we should seriously rethink what is happening. We will think what to do and what to change, because of course we failed the tournament. Thank you all for supporting us. A lot of kind words are written on Instagram in direct – this is felt, thanks. We will become better and everything will be fine. ”

Roman Resolut1on Fominok after the match was self-critical.

Roman Resolut1on Fominok
Roman Resolut1on Fominok:

“Apparently, I suck playing this game. GG, Team Liquid. ”

Virtus.pro CEO Sergei Glamazda also summed up the team’s performance on the major, who said that the club would take a break and think what to do next.

Sergey Glamazda
Sergey Glamazda:

“After such a powerful final chord in the last game and the inscription“ GG ”, only nothing was left inside. We did not pass the test of the second major of this season. Now we need to pause and think what to do next. Thanks to everyone who cheered for us until the last seconds. “

Virtus.pro lost Team liquid in the first round of the lower grid of the playoffs of the major and left the tournament, taking 13-16 place. In the course of the map, the team Alexey Solo Berezin inferior to more than 50 thousand gold, but was able to return to the game: the team was close to victory – he had to deal 250 damage to the enemy throne.

DreamLeague Leipzig Major runs from January 18 to 26 in Leipzig, Germany. 16 teams are drawing a million dollar prize pool and 15 thousand DPC points. You can follow the schedule and results of the tournament here.

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