Tom Clancy’s The Division

 The division review

The division game is a cross-platform computer game in the genre TPS and MMORPG.

In 2001, a group of scientists and politicians launched a project called Dark Winter, which is a special program designed to test the ability of society to respond quickly to attacks by bio-terrorists.


Simulation revealed how quickly everything can collapse, leading to a multitude of deaths and the complete collapse of a civilized society.

The epidemic begins during Black Friday in New York – the day of the most massive purchases in the year. The game develops a few years later, in New York, which is divided into several zones. Players control the rebels, who fight with government troops and with each other for resources and weapons.

After being released  the division pc on the market,  The division has not spent any simple months at all. Expected by many anxiously, Massive Entertainment’s game faced a series of criticisms aimed at some of its pivotal elements: an endgame and a reward system for everyone but not only. The presence of other boundary problems has in fact meant that even the most patient players of what had been depicted as the anti-Destiny were heading towards the abandonment of the servers.


The developers, however, have never given up, continuing on the one hand to continue the annual plan already established , while proceeding with the development of some structural changes to the game mechanics of  Division. The result of this second part of the work we saw about a month ago,we got to appreciate the 1.4 patch .


Thanks to it, Massive established a new starting point for his creature, thus laying the foundations for his second youth, but above all to try to recall the agents who had deserted.

The Division Gameplay

 The division release date

  • release date
    March 8, 2016
  • Developer
    Ubisoft Massive
  • Publisher
    Ubisoft Entertainment


For  the division ps4, now is the time to look further, thanks to the publication of the second of the additional premium content provided since the release of the game.Along with the 1.5 patch, Lotta per la vita, DLC, has just arrived, and we are proposing the review today after having already tried it a few days ago .

The Division makes us fight for survival in a New York completely covered by snow


Struggle for life is detached from the basic contents of  the division tom clancy, both as regards its setting, both as regards its dynamics of play. Among the few elements in common with those already known we find the same map of Manhattan of the basic game, on which twenty-four players are to move in an instanced adventure, with a very precise beginning and end.

Even in the cold it is good

The scenario is quite simple: while a terrible storm envelops the entire city of New York, a group of agents is sent to the Black Zone to take an important antidote for the disease that has brought the metropolis to its knees.When the group travels by helicopter to the mission location, things do not go right, and the plane crashes to the ground, leaving the agents in a desperate situation.


Deprived of their equipment, they can not do anything else but carry out the task received, trying to reach the Black Zone using only the materials found on the site. As well as in the normal game experience of  the division xbox one, players must guard against the enemies spread around the map, but not only: Struggle for life forces in fact to deal with other elements of danger, related to basic needs of the agent we control.


To spend too much time outdoors, thus exposing ourselves to the icy cold of the storm, can be enough to ensure freezing and death, but frost is not the only additional pitfall we have to face.


Hunger and thirst can also play bad jokes, preventing our character from maintaining lucidity while looking for materials, a fundamental activity to be able to successfully complete a fight for life.

For the benefit of those looking for a challenge really challenging, moreover, the matchmaking offers the ability to choose whether to face the emergency in PvP or PvE mode: in the first case, in addition to the dangers listed above you must also beware of the characters controlled by other players, ready to kill us to ensure survival.


In such a desperate situation, consciences also change, and unlike the Black Zone we already know,there are no renegade agents: the only thing that matters is to arrive until the moment of extraction, surviving a infection that is inexorably wide even in the body of every agent in the game. Once the maximum time has passed, it is game over. There are no checkpoints and death is permanent: in case of defeat, you have to start all over again.