We kill the black man

 John Wick Chronicles review


Which by the way has already been released in America on February 10th, the Grab Games boys, helped and produced by Starbreeze Studios, those of Payday, have thought well to develop a sort of tie-in made exclusively for virtual reality, to be precise only for HTC Vive.


We kill the black man

We therefore approached this  john wick chronicles hopeful of not being faced with the inevitable “commercial”. Unfortunately we were wrong big.


Maybe it could have made sense to take advantage of the cinematic appeal to launch a free to play on Steam with some clever micro-transactions, and instead the developer and publisher have decided to distribute a full-featured title sold to the incredible figure of 19, 99 €. Before deepening our judgment, however,it is imperative to explain in detail what this chronicles is.


This is a simple shooting range with first-person view: a shooter where the protagonist, absolutely nailed on the spot, must shoot dozens of enemies that appear on the screen in more or less choreographic and that act as an appetizer to the inevitable boss of end level.


If you have a look at  serious sam the last hope or at Space Pirate Trainer, you know perfectly what to expect because it is a genre that from the ancient Duck Hunt or Operation Wolf, has never evolved. With the sole exception of the increase in involvement guaranteed by the recent introduction of virtual reality.

 John Wick Chronicles gameplay


Obviously making the difference with the titles mentioned above is the setting that relies, with great savings, as seen in the two films. The initial phase of the game, which also serves as a selection menu.


Is in fact set in the reception of the Continental hotel with an excellent Lance Reddick recreated in an excellent manner in the guise of Charon.There is also some small reference to the plot of the second film and, halfway through the gaming experience, a microscopic extracted from the film but, apart from that, nothing else.

 John Wick Chronicles release date

Starbreeze Studios
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Starbreeze Studios
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February 9, 2017


Specifically, what will we find ourselves playing once more than € 20? A tutorial where we will learn how to use the two Vive 3D controllers to shoot and recharge, and three levels set in a parking lot, in the courtyard of a villa and on a yacht. End.


Even if you do not want to be particularly expert with this gameplay, it will never take you more than an hour to finish the game the first time, even by watching the microscopic narrative sequences taking place inside the


Wick suite and dividing the four environments.There is a minimum of replayability guaranteed by the three difficulty levels and the double mode of play available, arcade and simulation (in the latter you have to manually recharge the weapon by collecting the magazines and inserting the first bullet in the barrel) but you will hardly pass more of an afternoon or an evening with  john wick chronicles ps4.

We kill the black man

Even the variety of enemies does not help considering that it is practically only soldiers more or less armored, possibly protected by an anti-riot shield, and a handful of vehicles to be killed (an armored and a helicopter) that act as bosses. What instead works very well is the dynamics of the shootings that.


Exactly as it happened in Arizona Sunshine, forces the player to aim by exploiting the physical sights of the weapons (there is no graphic pointer to be clear) with a little gem represented by the rifle sniper where we can experience the magnifying effect by looking through the lens mounted on the weapon.

We kill the black man


Striking an enemy in the head also guarantees small bonuses represented by first aid boxes (even if in reality you just need to stay fixed for a few seconds to automatically recover the vital energy), laser pointers or temporary shields represented by bullet-proof vests. Another positive element is then represented by the covers.


Taking advantage of the space positioning guaranteed by HTC Vive, even if we can not move in the environment, we can still bend to shelter behind counters, vases and various furnishings using small holes to hit opponents without risking the fire back or even shooting blindly from above the shelters by raising only the weapons.


In the most frenetic moments we must admit that we also had fun for a few seconds, throwing ourselves in plastic poses in order to have very small angles of view from which to be able to hit the countless adversaries. We dedicate the last words to the technical aspect of  john wick chronicles psvr