Prettier: Prostitute Misty from Grand Theft Auto III was recreated in a photorealistic form

Along with the publication of 3D models of various famous characters from games and films, a talented Turkish artist Hossein Dibacollaborated with CD Projekt RED, Blizzard and other developers, also periodically shares with subscribers their creative materials based on the games in the series Grand Theft Auto

Previously, the artist showed his look at Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson and Niko Bellic from Grand theft auto: vice city, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand theft auto iv accordingly, creating their photorealistic 3D models, as well as paying attention to the girls from several games in the franchise, depicting those in the same style.

Hossein Diba’s latest work on Grand Theft Auto was the rethinking of the rather cartoonish image of the prostitute Misty from the iconic third part of the open-world action movies for the series. This female character is probably not the most recognizable among fans, but the artist has diligently approached the process of “revitalizing” the girl, creating an impressive three-dimensional model.

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