Jim Ryan: We Will Do Everything To Give PS5 The Most Exclusives In History

President and CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan gave an interview to the Japanese edition Nikkei, where he told a little new information regarding the company’s goals with regards to Playstation 5

According to Ryan, the company continues to “quietly” invest in high-quality PlayStation content and will do its best to so that the current generation of the platform becomes the largest in terms of the number of exclusives

In addition, he reiterated that the company wants to strengthen its relationship with Japanese developers to release content on the PlayStation 5 that satisfies the local market, and did not rule out the possibility of new deals to acquire third-party studios in the future. The last purchase of a platform holder in this field was Insomniac Games in 2019.

Then the head of PlayStation commented on the strategic partnership with Microsoft on cloud technologies, announced in 2019. He said that the companies continue the dialogue on technology exchange and use of the platform. Azurebut the cloud gaming experience that Sony is about to offer will be unique to Playstation

Ryan also noted that consoles usually peak in their third or fourth year of life. however, in the case of the PlayStation 5, it sees a longer lifecycle considering post-launch sales dynamics and is more optimistic about the future.than a year ago.

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