It’s time for delivery – the funny courier simulator Totally Reliable Delivery Service is handed out for free at the Epic Games Store

At Epic Games Store Digital Store Free distribution of the PC version of the fun sandbox started Totally reliable delivery service about the delivery of goods. You can upload it to your account until April 8 (18:00 Moscow time). The launch of the project took place the day before for a number of platforms and services, among which Playstation 4, Nintendo switch, Xbox one, Xbox game pass, iOS and Android. In addition to the EGS, the PC version should also take a look at Steam soon.

Totally reliable delivery service – A game about delivering parcels on foot, by car, above water or by air with a number of restrictions, such as a time limit or the absence of damage to the cargo. You can bring together up to four players online or on a local network.

Similar to what we previously saw in Human fall flat, gamers will be able to individually control with both hands and grab things with their palms. Unpredictable physics combined with dynamic movement will not make you bored.

In addition, do not forget that until the evening of April 2, players can still get three games for free from the Epic Games Store: World War Z, Figment and Tormentor x punisher. The next free offers will be quest adventure Gone home and action adventure Hob. You can pick them up between 2 by April 9th.

Meanwhile, developers from the studio tinyBuild already shared interesting data on the popularity of the game in EGS. 6 hours from the start of the giveaway Totally reliable delivery service downloaded about 1 million times.

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