It is hard to be Guardians

The award-winning company Telltale seems to have reached the point of no return: capable of churning out three or four different series per year, the software house is now synonymous and unique exponent of the concept of the adventures distributed in episodes.


After achieving success with the first season of The Walking Dead, an indisputable masterpiece of narrative, direction and smoothness of the gameplay, he has pigeonholed one franchise after another, even though he is never able to reach that peak of quality ever again.

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In these years, the company founded by some historical former employees of the golden days of LucasArts has been able to move easily between strictly videogame franchises such as Minecraft or Borderlands and intellectuals television and multimedia assets such as The Throne of Swords and Jurassic Park.


Even more recently, the development team has managed to bring home a double collaboration with the two most important comics companies. And so if 2016 was the year of Batman:


The Telltale Series, in collaboration with DC Comics, 2017 is under the sign of an intense partnership with Marvel that allowed to give birth to Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series.When just one week is missing


on arrival in the Italian cinemas of the second chapter of the film adaptation of this franchise, and little more than a dozen days from the American distribution, we had the opportunity to get our hands on the first of the five episodes (monthly? ) that go to make up this new series of adventures.


Exactly like the third season of The Walking Dead, this series arrives exclusively on PCs, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, completely lost on the old obsolete platforms, but still keeping the distribution on iOS and Android, markets that evidently from a numerical point of view still deserve full support from the Californian company.


So follow us in this analysis of the debut episode of a production that will keep us company until the autumn of 2017 and rest assured that, as usual in our reviews, we will be careful to reduce the risk of spoilers to zero.

The first episode of the Guardians of the Galaxy is fun and really well packaged


Let’s start by saying that, although intersecting in some narrative areas and especially presenting certain characters (and especially antagonists), this series of Telltale of Guardians of the Galaxy is not directly interconnected or based on the two films with Chris Pratt


 but is definitely more related to the original Marvel comics. In particular for what concerns the physical representation of its protagonists. Leaving aside Rocket and Groot, since for obvious reasons they are practically identical in all their appearances, Star-Lord, Gamora and Drax are definitely closer to the features shown in comics than seen in the cinema.