Is EA working on Star Wars: Battlefront III?

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Publisher Electronic Arts allegedly working on a new project, collaborating with actors who previously worked on Star Wars: Battlefront II. The information was published in Twitter by the artists themselves.

It’s about the actors Janine Havankar (Eden Versio), Anthony Scordi (Admiral Garrick Versio) and T.J. Ramini (Del Mico). In December 2020, they all took part in recording the lines and movements of the characters, posting photos from the same studio.

Later, Scordi and Ramini confirmed that they were working together again. The first actor also liked a fan comment asking if they were working on a new project in the Star Wars universe.

Against the theory that actors work on Star Wars: Battlefront III, says that their characters died in the second part. However, they may well appear as minor characters in a triquel or even in a completely new EA project.

Previously studio representatives EA Motive denied the information that the studio is working on a new action game in the universe “Star Wars“The journalists found the mention in the job description, but the developers claim that a mistake was made.

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