“Iris – My Wi-Fi in Final Fantasy VII”: Internet star Ikumi Nakamura spoke about her dream after leaving the creator of Resident Evil

Become a real internet sensation last year Ikumi Nakamura in recent months it reminds of itself much less often. The girl attracted the attention of millions of users with an incendiary presentation of the project GhostWire: Tokyo the collective Tango gameworks legendary father Resident Evil Shinji Mikami, however, a few months later it was announced that Nakamura was leaving the company and resigning as senior game designer of the emerging game. Since then, the heroine of countless memes went on a creative search, visiting a variety of gaming companies around the world.

And recently Ikumi Nakamura talked to the Japanese branch IGN, where in a short interview she shared her thoughts about her past, present and future.

The girl said that now she has an ambitious dream – Nakamura wants to revive the series Okami. To this end, she personally plans to go to a meeting with the leadership Capcomwhere, in her opinion, if she “put enough effort“, the chances of approving a full-fledged continuation are quite large. However, Ikumi has one important condition – personally must lead the development of a future game Hideki Kamiya.

Such an initiative may seem somewhat spontaneous, but it is important to recall that Nakamura was one of the key developers of the original Okamiand last year she visited studio office Platinum gameswhere together with Hideki Kamiya in a humorous manner announced that the famous adventure game “really coming back

Nakamura also spoke about her dream of opening her own studio, which will not only engage in the creation of original projects, but will also be able to help children who are interested in developing games.

As for the most GhostWire: Tokyo, then she almost did not touch on this topic in an interview, only describing the game as something reminiscent of “treasure chest“where she could hide absolutely all the ideas and ideas that she liked.

Another Internet star talked a little about her life. So, it turned out that in childhood, Nakamura’s father, in secret from his mother, instilled in her a love of games and the horror genre. She also reported that her “wifu” at Final Fantasy VII – this is Iris.

For new adventures Ikumi Nakamura everyone can follow on her personal blog.

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