Intel answers rumors about discrete card issues with song

this week appeared information that Intel problems with the first discrete graphics accelerator Dg1. Judging by them, its performance is only 23% higher than integrated processor solutions Tiger lake. It was also said about problems with energy consumption.

Intel decided to answer this by releasing a song about DG1. The video was posted on Twitter by the company’s graphics division manager Chris Pirillo.

The most interesting thing is that the lyrics say that DG1 is still on the way. Therefore, there seems to be no talk of canceling the project. Note that earlier there were rumors about curtailing the direction and dismissal of Raja Koduri. Though transition to Intel Masuma Bhaivaly from AMD clearly indicates that this will not happen.

It is assumed that the announcement of new cards may occur already on CES 2023. AMD will also show a video card there Radeon RX 5600 XT.