Insider: The Elder Scrolls VI is planning to make a full console exclusive Xbox Series X | S

Conversations about what platforms the games will be released on Bethesda, rose again in recent days when the VP of Pete Hines tried to neatly explain, using the example of Minecraft, that PlayStation users may not be completely deprived of the company’s future games, but there will be exceptions.

Some saw in this a hint not that Starfield can still go out for Playstation 5possibly after a period of exclusivity on the Xbox Series X / S, however, the head of marketing denied the assumption Xbox Aarong Greenberg, which stated that the game is not a temporary exclusive and will only appear on previously announced platforms.

Against the background of all this, some insiders decided to contribute their five kopecks. In particular, the portal editor VentureBeat Jeff Grubb also denied the possibility of the release of Starfield on PS5, but the most interesting thing is that, according to the journalist, the full exclusive Xbox should be and The Elder Scrolls VI

The information has not yet been officially confirmed, so you should not take it for a clean moment. The game does not even have an approximate date, and given the fact that Bethesda Game Studios is now focused on Starfield, it is clearly not worth waiting for the release of the project in the next couple of years.

Until then, fans of the franchise can revisit The Elder Scrolls Online and the upcoming re-release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

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