Insider: Jill Valentine will return to Resident Evil 9 with “big role”

According to a new rumor, Jill Valentine can return to Resident evil 9… If this is true, then the ninth “Resident Evil” will be the first game in the main series in which the heroine has appeared since Resident Evil 5, not counting minor appearances in various DLCs.

A well-known insider shared this information. Dusk golem, according to which, Jill Valentine may play an important role in the plot of Resident Evil 9… Why “maybe”? Because the whistleblower is not 100 percent certain of the leak, noting that Jill’s return may not be related to RE9, but Resident evil: outrage – a new spin-off, supposedly created primarily for Nintendo SwitchRead more about it here

Resident Evil 9 is supposed to continue the Village’s story and conclude the trilogy begun with the release of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. At the time of the ninth part, Valentine must be already over 50 years old, which is much older than the age in which players are used to seeing her.

Previously, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3 was realistically recreated using the latest engine Unreal Engine 5

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