Inner Chains

Let many of you on the Inner Chains and never heard, but on paper it was very ambitsionzny Polish shooter. Over its development worked the same people that once took active part in the creation of Witcher 3 , Bulletstorm and Gears of War , made the engine Unreal Engine 4, and a few demonstration project aroused genuine interest – it was too curious about the whole thing looked.

Imagine a world in which nature and technology come into a bizarre symbiotic relationship. People as it set aside not so much space, so they are forced to adapt … or go to the fertilizer to any biomechanical mischief that now prowl the ruins of an advanced civilization in the past.

Something lost heart ...Something lost heart …

Conceptually, and in commercials game looks simply amazing – from the setting in which humanity ekes out a miserable existence in the mud and ruin, ending breathtaking visual style.

But in practice the Inner Chains was ridiculous, clumsy and broken disgrace. The enemies are stupid, hand to hand combat terrible weapon behaves like Chinese pneumatics, bought for pennies through an advertisement in the newspaper. But let us all in order.

This is not a head on a stick, and the switch.This is not a head on a stick, and the switch.

The game is really an outstanding visual appearance. The walls are covered with some stirring mucus always something fumbling, the room fills the dim light of torches or other obscure lighting, everywhere stick frightening spikes or tentacles under their feet – a surreal world of Inner Chainsliterally live and breathe. And weapons here looks good – it is strewn with thorns, fidgeting in his hands, the spark energy or steaming in the heat.

On this pros, in fact, come to an end. Then begins the real journey into a virtual hell.

Enemies just look good: their brains implement forgotten.Enemies just look good: their brains implement forgotten.

With that, the picture stars from the sky is clearly not enough, the game system resources for both cheeks eats. At the same time it does not interfere with the frame rate occasionally mercilessly sink, even in places where it should not sink at all. Even a sharp rotation of the camera can cause a variety of graphical artifacts like image in the horizontal gap.

Local computer idiots did not know how to use the shelters are not aware of team work, preferring instead to catch carcasses together shots from energy weapon, and to die stacks. But even die funny, dissolving in bubbling and bubbling mire unpleasant color.

And the right to the trouble was only with artificial intelligence, because after all, the hero is not so smooth! In the first half hour of the game is a simulation of walking. Until then, until the hero does not procure its first weapon, he can only spar with opponents. Given that Inner Chainsregisters hit through time, almost every scrap becomes opposed to the circus.

Flamethrower fires in a straight line and not much use in confined spaces from it.Flamethrower fires in a straight line and not much use in confined spaces from it.

The same can be said about the shooting. If the target is in your sights, do not think that necessarily it will be taken. At the local interior items hitbox can be three times as wide as their own. Imagine my surprise when several shots at an unsuspecting enemy will not reach the target due to the fact that it will be five meters from the nearest pole.

As we have said, most of the weapons look quite himself, but shooting is very poorly implemented. So, the game has a gun that shoots electrical impulses. It is enough for a few short bursts, then it should cool down a bit before the next series of volleys. The enemies also have these, and they are often blunt views in anticipation of reloading their weapons. It is just standing and waiting for the opportunity to give another short burst of the hero, who could in that time has long become a cover for or even to leave the location.

The game world could tell a fascinating story, if it was interesting to be in it.The game world could tell a fascinating story, if it was interesting to be in it.

In general, look for disadvantages in Inner Chains is like kicking a dead horse – shameful and pointless. If you value your time and do not want to waste money, you can safely pass.

The most interesting, that could be in the Inner Chains, and remains in commercials, which developers regaled players before the release. Very sorry.