The PC port was released for this: Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn completely stripped

Since the release of the PC version of the action adventure Horizon zero dawn more than six months have passed, but gamers still have fresh memories of the port’s numerous technical problems.

Fortunately, the developers of the former exclusive Playstation 4 did not sit idly by and managed to release a number of patches that allow PC gamers to immerse themselves in the beautiful and unique world of the game, where people get along with dangerous mechanical creatures.

What else can help you enjoy the PC version Horizon zero dawn, so these are various modifications, including erotic ones. We are talking, in particular, about nude fashion, which allows you to completely bare the main character of the game, Aloy.

This modification is available for download at NexusMods (to see it, you must enable the option in the search to show adult content).

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