In the month of March of the year 2013 we received an announcement that was going to be very special for lovers of comics and, above all, for all those followers of the DC universesince Warner Bros. announced Infinite Crisis , a MOBA

Broken Age

free-to -play based on this popular universe that would come from the studio Turbine , the creators of The Lord of the Rings Online and that had planned his departure for the same year on PC .

Project Cars

However, after a few problems in its development, it has not been until just a few days ago when the game has been, in free-to-play format and after a long period in alpha phase and a few weeks in beta, published in its definitive version through Steam,


Valve’s download platform, to try to gain a foothold in a market that is increasingly saturated and in which it becomes very difficult to make a


hole if you do not call yourself DOTA 2 or League of Legends or if you do not bet on a different formula as the creators of the increasingly popular SMITE have done .

One of the main hooks of the game, how could it be otherwise, are the characters that we can control in it and are not other than the most popular heroes and villains of the DC universe, among which we find Batman, Superman , Flash or Arrow , with these last two as one of the main claims after the success of their respective television series.

"We do not make Star Wars Battlefront 3, but the vision of DICE of Battlefront" Screenshot

One of the things that Turbine has taken care of, precisely, is that the skills of each champion in his MOBA keep a total coherence with the character of the DC universe so that we can see reflected and we can use some of his favorite powers in the game, as well as to have characteristics similar to those that the superhero would have in any RPG. We are, for example, a


Flash with normal attacks less powerful than Superman, but with a devilish speed of movement and an “R” in which the character begins to spin at high speed causing massive damage to their adversaries, something that totally marries the superhero’s patterns.

The pity is that, on a graphic level, the decisions characterizing the champions have not been as accurate as they should be due to a strange mix between well-cared 3D scenarios and an aesthetic cartoon in the characters that is out of tune with the rest of the set. what we see on the screen. The two styles do not fit well and although, certainly, the intention of the developers was to give


the champions an aesthetic closer to that of comics, the truth is that the formula at the visual level has not finished sitting at all well, although on the other side


of the scale we have some animations and visual effects of the powers that do marry perfectly with the aesthetic that many players are looking for and that will momentarily forget this strange contrast.