Neverwinter 2017

7.9 / 10 votes (266 votes)

Genre: Client games, MMORPG, Free MMORPG
Features: In Russian, Popular, Fantasy, Pro Dragons, Non-target, PVE
Status: Started
Payment: Free-to-play
Developer: Cryptic Studios
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Release date: November 10, 2013

Neverwinter – bright, colorful mmorpg with modern graphics, non-target battle system and the ability to create your own content in the Workshop

Neverwinter – a colorful mmorpg, which was based on the mechanics of the D & D system and the plot of the famous Neverwinter Nights series. Cryptic Studios (Star Trek Online, City of Heroes) received an unexpectedly successful project, which revived the faded spirit of adventure in the universe of the Forgotten Realms.

The name of the game comes from the city of Neverwinter – the northernmost outpost of civilization, standing on the shores of a magical river and from that never freezing. The greatness of this place has always amazed the guests, including the users of the new mmorpg Neverwinter. It is in this huge city and its environs that players spend the lion’s share of the time, so the developers took care to make it look as comfortable as possible.

However, urban beauty is not the only plus of the game. The authors perfectly coped with the task of adapting a heavy D & D system to modern realities: game mechanics in Neverwinter is easy to learn and at the same time offers a popular non-target combat system. In Cryptic Studios, the focus was on the dynamics of fights – idols here do not like, so if you are used to standing still and lazily mashing the keyboard – you are waiting for a direct road to the cemetery. Enemies in the game are not asleep, but they are warned of the powerful attacks in advance by the red sectors. Do not want to get a club in the face – if you please leave the zone of defeat.

About “muzzles” should be discussed separately. The character editor at Neverwinter is pleasantly surprised by the abundance of possibilities, races and classes. Fans of the elves will be delighted with three species of eared (Forest, Lunar and Half-elves), lovers of canonical archetypes – Dwarf, Humans and Half-races, fans of brutal force – Half-Orcs, well and those who tend to glance at the dark side of the Force will find themselves Tieflings. Eight races have six classes, among which you can find and Dr. Aybolit, and the ubiquitous thief, and the fast ranger, and the tank.

Another nice feature of Neverwinter is the session. The game takes care of the free time of its guests and offers a lot of classes from the category of “looked at half an hour.” PvP arenas, single dungeons and daily quests – all this allows you to get the maximum pleasure with minimal investment.

Particularly pleased with the crafting system, where the player does not wave the hammer himself, but distributes tasks to mercenaries-Tajiks. Each task requires a certain amount of time. As the experience grows, you will be able to issue more assignments, while doing more important things yourself. As a result, the development of the character does not stop even if you left the game – this system is very similar to the mechanics of pumping in EVE Online.

For those who have been fed up with the content created by the developers, Neverwinter offers to create the content itself. The editor, called Workshop, allows players to do missions and share them with others. The system allows you to create any task: single, group, with travel and battles, with or without riddles. With a strong desire, you can even write a small campaign. Especially distinguished scenarios representatives of Cryptic mark with the mark “Recommended”, that the most positive way affects them ranking. As a result, the authors managed to create a system when the game is updated almost every day – a luxury that is inaccessible to most other mmorpg.

In fact, Neverwinter was very unexpectedly the main find of 2013. Instead of the next clone, we received a colorful and distinctive continuation of the once popular series, the arsenal of which has everything necessary for success: the fundamental development system of Dungeons & Dragons, modern graphics and a dynamic combat system.