In the code of the merged demo Final Fantasy VII Remake, hints of the PC version of the game

Before release Final Fantasy VII Remake Remains a little over two months. It has already been confirmed that the project will be a temporary exclusive PlayStation 4 for a period of one year, so the appearance of the game on other platforms is only a matter of time.

Confidence in this is added by the recently released demo Final Fantasy VII Remake, in the files of which the dataminers found not only a lot of spoiler information about the project itself, but also hints indicating the upcoming release of the port for PC. This, in particular, is about pieces of computer code indicating parameters for choosing higher resolution and mentioning companies NVIDIA and AMD.

Information found in the configuration files of the demo also suggests that PS4 version of the updated jRPG will work in the format 1080p / 30 FPS and will offer improvements for owners of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Representatives of Square Enix did not comment on the leak. The release of the first episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake will take place March 3rd.

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