In Samurai Simulator, you can make hara-kiri – review

Polish studio Game hunters working on a number of unusual simulators: Gunsmith simulator, Medieval Farmer Simulator, Primitive hunter. Now a game has been added to this list Samurai simulatorwhich is published by a famous company Playway.

As it is easy to understand by name, we will have the role of a real samurai living in a Japanese village. After our hero decides to become a samurai, he will have to leave his native places and go on a journey with his master.

Gradually mastering the art of a samurai, the hero can enter the service of the overlord and take up the solution of his problems. We are waiting for participation in a wide variety of battles and fights, and the outcome of the battle will be affected by how zealously we practiced.

In addition to combat mastery, each samurai also has an honor. Following the moral canons will determine whether our hero will be able to live to old age and establish his own school of samurai. Or he will have to make a seppuku at some point to prove the purity of his thoughts.

The game has no release dates yet, but it will be released in Steam.