In new photos from the filming of “Batman” Matt Reeves lit Bruce Wayne and one of the villains

One of the residents of London was lucky to be near the work of the crew of the new film “Batman“- the latter is located directly under the eyewitness office. The observer was not taken aback and took several photos in which the cars of the Gotham police and the trailer of the local TV channel that had been seen earlier were lit. In addition, the photo can be seen for the first time Roberta Pattinsona in the role of Bruce Wayne, as well as one of his opponents.

In the photographs presented, there is a person with an umbrella that strongly resembles Colina Farrela. It was previously reported that the actor is in talks with Warner Bros. about the role of the penguin.

Interestingly, despite the canonical umbrella, the character in the photo does not look like the fat shorty that we used to see on the screen. It is more reminiscent of the Emperor Penguin (Ignatius Ogilvy) – a Penguin’s pupil, who initially served him with his right hand, and then took power from him.

Matt Reeves’ Batman will be released June 25, 2023.

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