THQ Nordic has announced a remake of Gothic and is already giving it a play – review

After leak Thq nordic announced a remake of the original “Gothic“, However, the project as a result may not live to see the full release.

Steam has already been released “playable teaser“- it was received free of charge by all owners of any game Piranha bytes. The publisher automatically added the trial version to the user library.

So why the remake may not live to see the release? Players will play a two-hour prototype of the game, and then go through a survey sharing their impressions. On their basis, the publisher wants to formulate a common vision for the project.

If the reviews are strictly negative or the project does not interest a lot of players, then the remake can be completely canceled.

Debut trailer

Barcelona’s THQ Nordic studio is responsible for the development of the remake, and the creators of the original from the German Piranha Bytes do not take part in the development Рthey promise to announce their new game in 2023.

A remake of Gothic is created on the Unreal Engine 4 engine.

Comparison of the original and prototype remake